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excerpt from (something)

To use a passage from or section of something, often a text. A noun or pronoun can be used between "excerpt" and 'from." I'm planning to excerpt this section from Hamlet in my term paper so that the professor can see my close reading of it.
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excerpt something from something

to select a part of something from the whole. We excerpted a few short scenes from the play and performed them for the class. A few paragraphs had been excerpted from the film as an example.
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Broadcasters will be permitted to record excerpts of the Entertainment, provided that all broadcasters comply with the following:
Daniela Kapitanova: excerpt from Kniha o cintorine (A Book about a Cemetery) [c] 2000 by Daniela Kapitanova.
Instead, Hokum serves up an eclectic selection of readings, quotations and excerpts from a wide body of African American writings, including fiction, public speeches and popular cinema.
His photographs of the 1906 earthquake and fires are eloquent testimony to the disaster, Read the following excerpts from his memoir, then answer the questions below.
Sales & Marketing: - Sales Training Programs (Free excerpt available): http://www3.
A rating form listing the SEC's guidelines was provided for each excerpt.
The rest of her diary excerpt is a record of the exhausting domestic rituals of everyday life in 1940s western Canada.
excerpt and the oft-cited passage "There are thus two interpretations of interpretation, of structure, of sign, of play.
A: The following excerpt is from the HCFA Q & A, which can be found at:www.
In her show at Mother, Martha demonstrates this in an excerpt from Phaedra when she contracts her pelvis to beckon Playgirl centerfold Reid Hutchins, who sports only a jockstrap with a '50s hood ornament protruding in front.
The third section of this volume, which is of a higher visual quality, consists of interpretations of the Harlem Renaissance from excerpts of autobiographical and historical sketches by writers such as Langston Hughes, whose excerpt from The Big Sea discusses the public's response to his collection of poems Fine Clothes to the Jew, which received accolades from literary magazines and the white press but harsh criticism from black critics.
excerpt from the slave auction cataloque, which offers evidence of the names, jobs, and prices asked for slaves;
The following is part two of a two-part excerpt from her new book, How to Survive an IRS Attack.
We had the option of picking a different excerpt [from The Realist].
Contract notice: Preliminary and final design and construction of the axis viario mirto-crosia - longobucco - sila - fourth lot - excerpt ii.