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excerpt from (something)

To use a passage from or section of something, often a text. A noun or pronoun can be used between "excerpt" and 'from." I'm planning to excerpt this section from Hamlet in my term paper so that the professor can see my close reading of it.
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excerpt something from something

to select a part of something from the whole. We excerpted a few short scenes from the play and performed them for the class. A few paragraphs had been excerpted from the film as an example.
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Excerpt from El sonido en el cine (Laurent Jullier).
Vaclav Pankovcin: excerpt from 3 zeny pod orechom (Three Women Under the Walnut Tree) [c] 1996 by Vaclav Pankovcin.
With an excerpt from An Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Culled Africans, Chapter VII, "Moral Character of Negroes" (1833).
Based solely on your evaluation of each annual report excerpt, how likely are you to buy stock in each company?
This collection of excerpts is taken from diaries written by women between 1830 and 1996.
Kosuth might say that such a process is precisely what he is calling into question, but like his scholarly excerpts, that would be a little too pat.
Note: Sold for $250 each Figure 1: Excerpt from the Catalog of Slaves To Be Sold Excerpt from "What Became of the Slaves on a Southern Plantation?
Having determined that these instructions had been understood, the experimenter played the 'reminder excerpts', and participants rated each experimental excerpt in turn.
Each excerpt is first addressed with a verbal commentary, which provides relevant historical context, beneficial music-theory insights, notational criteria, practical advice on how to practice and perform each excerpt, and suggested musical, expressive, and dramatic imagery associated with the passage.
Contract notice: Preliminary and final design and construction of the axis viario mirto-crosia - longobucco - sila - fourth lot - excerpt ii.
No rationale is provided for the decision to excerpt and compile the included materials.
A lengthy excerpt from E&P Editor Greg Mitchell's new book, just published this week, appears at the Salon.
What comments among the people in this excerpt show a sense of resignation to losing everything?
To make his task easier, Banks merely leaned on many of these former members for his sdections, and none was more pleasing than the excerpt from Davis's hilarious play Purlie Victorious.
For his company's 20th season, he presented a program of three milestone works, plus a new excerpt.