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excel at (something)

To perform especially well at something. When we were in school, my brother excelled at art, while I was always better at subjects like science and math. Public speaking is something that Kristy really excels at.
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excel at something

 and excel in something
to do something in a superior fashion. She really excels at running. Wally does not excel at anything. Frank always hoped he would excel in math.
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Tip: With this method, a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-) may be used instead of an equal sign (=) in the first step; Excel will interpret them as equal signs when it creates the formula.
When Tom and Tim's brother began the recycling operation in Palau, the DeVivos did not hesitate to choose an Excel baler.
I know I can use conditional formatting to shade every other row (or every nth row) of an Excel data table.
We really haven't needed any service, other than to order a filter from Excel," says Giesbrecht of the baler, which was installed last year.
Again, the formula tells Excel to look into cell B2 and extract the first two characters (NY).
Excel president] Bryan Fisher and the other people at Excel helped us pretty well draw out where things would be, including electrical connections, so we got a lot of work done ahead of time.
In earlier versions of Excel, clicking on Effects will produce a screen that has a watermark icon in the lower right corner.
We created a simple spreadsheet in Excel that shows quarterly and annual revenues of Main Golf Course, broken down by revenue sources.
Because C9 is the cell in the original data in which Excel will successively substitute different interest rates, it's the input cell.
Copying an Excel financial report to a network drive is simpler than converting the data to an HTML file and uploading it to a Web server.
IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH, by linking the two files--the data file in Access to the one in Excel--any change you make in the original Access data will flow through to the Excel file.