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exceed (someone or something) by (something)

To surpass or outshine someone or something by a certain amount. Well, Greg got the promotion because the quality of his work exceeded yours by a great degree.
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exceed (someone or something) in (something)

To surpass or outshine something in some action or trait. Well, Greg got the promotion because his work really exceeded yours in quality.
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exceed someone or something by something

to surpass someone or something by some amount. Wally exceeded his quota by two hundred. He exceeded Larry by a large amount.
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exceed someone or something in something

to surpass someone or something in something. Tom exceeds Walter in athletic ability. Ralph exceeded the Rock of Gibraltar in hardheadedness.
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when the partner has liabilities that exceed the fair market value (FMV) of his or her assets, excluding the interest in the terminated partnership).
A section 467 rental agreement is a long-term agreement if the lease term exceeds 75 percent of the property's statutory recovery period.
Should the bonus for a given year exceed the targeted incentive, any amount over 125 percent of the targeted figure is "banked.
Borrower's total interest expense exceeds 50% of its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.
When AGI exceeds the threshold, this new limitation increases the effective marginal tax rate by nearly 1 percent (31 percent of 3 percent, or 0.
If the carrying amount exceeds the implied fair value, an impairment loss must be recognized in the amount of that excess.
This exclusion is phased out, however, once modified AGI exceeds a certain amount, beginning at $42,300 in 1995.
As a result, the tuner meets and exceeds the requirements of ATSC, OpenCable, DVBT/C/H, DMB-TH and ISDB-T standards and can be used worldwide.
Thus, D's allocable share of the loss on the X stock sale is recognized only to the extent that it exceeds the loss C previously claimed on transferring ownership to D.
The amount paid does not exceed the amount of points generally charged in the area.
However, because it is available to all taxpayers, it may benefit those whose sales tax bill for the year exceeds their state income tax (e.
Net interest expense exceeds 50% of its adjusted taxable income (excess interest expense); and
The credit will equal 7% of the amount by which the qualified investment exceeds a fixed base (a taxpayer's average historic investment from 1987 to 1991 or from 1989 to 1991, indexed for growth in gross domestic product and multiplied by 70%, for 1993, and 80%, for 1994).
Best would be uncomfortable with a statutory entity or group if the sum of ISB product liabilities, retail notes outstanding, liability for securities lending and FHLB loans exceeds 50% of general account "reserves" (defined here as lines 1 through 6.