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cross-examine someone

to question someone in court who has already been questioned by the opposing side; to question a suspect or a witness at great length. The lawyer plans to cross-examine the witness tomorrow morning. The police cross-examined the suspect for three hours.

examine someone in something

to give someone an examination in a particular subject or covering certain material. The committee examined her in her knowledge of history. I was examined in math.
See also: examine

examine someone on something

to give someone an examination covering certain material. I will have to examine you on this chapter myself. The teacher examined Larry on his understanding of phonetics.
See also: examine, on

examine someone or something for something

to inspect someone or something for the presence of something. I examined the child for signs of abuse. You had better examine this dog for ticks. Don't forget to examine yourself for ticks after you return from the hike.
See also: examine

need (to have) your head examined

you have done something that will make others think you stupid or strange Anyone who pays that much for a pair of jeans needs to have her head examined.
Usage notes: usually used as a humorous criticism
See also: examine, head, need

need your head examined/examining

  (British, American & Australian humorous) also need your head testing (British humorous)
if you tell someone they need their head testing, you think that they are crazy because they have done something stupid or strange You need your head examined if you're willing to spend £120 on a pair of jeans.
See also: examine, head, need

get one's head examined

Also, have one's head examined. One is crazy or absolutely wrong. For example, You like this food? Go get your head examined, or If you believe that story, you should have your head examined. This hyperbolic and usually jocular expression of disagreement may, thought Eric Partridge, allude to the now discredited field of phrenology, which holds that the configurations of the skull reveal mental and emotional characteristics. [Early 1900s]
See also: examine, get, head
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Since 2012, the majority of the examiners who left the NCUA had served one to three years.
About MediaDC: MediaDC, owned by Clarity Media Group in Denver, is the publisher of The Weekly Standard, Washington Examiner, and Red Alert Politics.
Examiners reported 29 cases in which they were accused of racism or bullied.
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But when examiners reject patent requests, applicants typically adjust the claim and file a "continuation," denying the examiner a count.
Avoid writing memoranda using the question-and-answer format because reading it is tedious, and the opposing attorney likely will challenge the fraud examiner on why he or she asked a particular question but not another.
In contrast, a firearms examiner can offer only his or her expert opinion that a pair of bullets do or don't match.
The process relies on the examiner to establish the threshold rather than using an objective approach.
Connecticut's state medical examiner is notified of deaths that occur outside hospitals or within 24 hours of hospitalization.
This particularly holds true of the sexual assault examiner.
With the acquisition of The Examiner in November, the Fang family now sits atop a mini empire of newspapers in the Bay Area.
2] This increased involvement by the medical examiner has also come at a time when there is pressure of public and financial scrutiny requiring prudent use of public financial resources.
Following a clear statement of purpose for the evaluation, the examiner should obtain a statement of the referral question from both the referral agent and the client.
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