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I have never left it, although there has been personal evolvement within my research and practice over subsequent decades.
They're even better when you win but it's just part of the evolvement of life and football.
The disturbing trend in American education today is toward an even greater under-emphasis on educational efforts aimed at fundamental learning--not academic fundamentals such as reading, writing, and arithmetic--but life fundamentals such as the development of compassion, the promotion of a sense of community, and the evolvement of a loving will.
In retirement, I have not been studying the evolvement of our language as much as I should.
The evolvement of language from a communicative tool to that of a cognitive organizer is said to be more enhanced among compound bilingual children that valorize both their languages and use them equally for the same cognitive and social functions (Hamers, 2004).
I don't want to stop anyone from writing about their profoundly beautiful and loving spiritual place or evolvement to that place, but I think there is room for something else as well.
He accused Beijing of being ''too politicized and too emotional'' in its relations with Taiwan, saying such an attitude has hampered the evolvement of cross-strait ties.
Lawee builds upon the fruits of the scholarly research on Abarbanel and his times, which accumulated since Netanyahu first published his book fifty years ago, to create a careful and nuanced picture of the evolvement of Abarbanel's mind and his scholarly output in the context of the varied developments in Jewish and Christian cultures of this transitional period.
With the evolvement of the lack of natural resources, many Aboriginal people now have not the means of supporting the healthy lifestyle that they once so proudly held.
It's a natural evolvement of the way angling is developing.
Ultimately we have t o foster the enjoyable and success - ful evolvement of both the staff and the business.
Chapter Titles: The evolvement of solids handling technology; Explosion hazards in powder handling and processing: the changes ahead; Practical solutions to critical solids handling problems; New developments in the containment of pharmaceutical powders; Powder products and structure; Granular powders and solids: Insights from numerical simulations; Flow aid technology; Wheat flour milling: a case study in processing of particulate foods; Experimental observations of powder consolidation; Process and powder handling improvements resulting from particle emission measurement and powder mass flow monitoring using electrodynamic technology: a case study
There still remained one more critical step in the complete evolvement of the ITM web page.
This can result in the development or evolvement of factors (common denominators) which characterize generally the group or sub-group in question.
Inquiries and contentions, mirroring those between my mother and me, flowed through the discipline's evolvement.