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Torst's list recently included a funky saison from Evil Twin called Ron & The Beast; a sour and salty German Rittergut Gose; Thisted Limfjords, a Baltic porter from Denmark; and Toccalmatto B Space Invader, a Cascadian IPA from Italy--to name just a few.
org/csc) is the leading advocacy group for "intelligent design" (a term that's preferred to "creationism" or "creation science"), and thus is the National Center for Science Education's evil twin.
The evil twin has more fun, but I'm just a relaxed person.
We can identify which is the evil twin and which one is the good twin in each picture," says Karl.
Most computer users have learned about phishing through recent stories about stolen identities, but now there's a wireless version called "the evil twin attack" that creates a similar kind of fraudulent request.
Like Poe's William Wilson, Kurosawa's movie recounts the tale of a man engaged in a life--or--death struggle with his evil twin.
The ten stories chronicle adventures with a haunted house, attaches from an evil twin, jewelry that grants wishes for people to disappear, a costume that sentences the wearer to life as a shadow, and more equally bizarre outcomes.
The tagline for the Ford SportKa is "The Ka's evil twin.
Laqueur describes the anxiety over masturbation arising as "the evil twin of the virtues of modern commercial society--individual moral autonomy and privacy, creativity, desire and abundance.
After all, entire public policy and academic careers have been built around the premise that the evil twin deficits equal certain economic calamity: The theory: once the ballooning U.
My evil twin - he talks to me in my head - has a view.
Gay old wives' tales like "I can't get it 'cause I'm a top" and its evil twin "I won't get it if he pulls out" provide the unwary with a sort of idiot's reassurance.
Crony capitalism is the evil twin of state capitalism in developing areas like Malaysia, Mexico, and Texas, in which government, for good or bad, performs many of the functions undertaken in more conventional capitalist communities by a native entrepreneurial elite of investors and inventors.
Cryptic Invasion A mild-mannered reed native to the United States was found innocent; it was being blamed for the environmental damage caused by an evil twin from abroad (161: 118).
Stilted, sinister botch from vet director Francis Girod features a stunning, award-caliber perf by Robinson Stevenin (son of actor-director Jean-Francois) as a doe-eyed cross-dresser who falls for a hunky thug who looks like Ben Stillers evil twin.