the evil hour/day/moment

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the evil (moment/hour/day)

The moment, time, or day when one must do something particularly difficult, unpleasant, or stressful. I knew I had to start filing my taxes soon, but I've been doing everything in my power to put off the evil day. Having "the hair of the dog" may make you feel slightly better after a night of heavy drinking, but it's only postponing the evil moment when your body's hangover eventually kicks in.
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the evil ˈhour/ˈday/ˈmoment

the time when you have to do something difficult or unpleasant: I’d better go and see the dentist — I can’t put off the evil hour any longer.I worried for weeks about how I would tell him the bad news but eventually I couldn’t put off the evil day any longer.
See also: evil, hour, moment
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So, to me, extension or no extension, if the crisis in the party is not solved, we are simply postponing the evil day.
Golwalkar wrote in We, or Our Nationhood Defined 'Ever since that evil day, when Muslims first landed in Hindustan, right up to the present moment, the Hindu nation has been gallantly fighting on to shake off the despoilers.
In particular, employees facing conflict at work, disciplinary hearings or performance management reviews will often "go on the sick" to postpone the evil day or give themselves time to think.
An Evil Day in Georgia: The Killing of Coleman Osborn and the Death Penalty in the Progressive-Era South
Critique: An impressive and throughly researched study, "An Evil Day in Georgia: The Killing of Coleman Osborn and the Death Penalty in the Progressive-Era South" by Robert N.
Then again is the Fed not postponing the evil day of reckoning with its money printing and only avoiding the inevitable collapse and perhaps making it even bigger than it would have been?
But after hearing that Cooper's solicitors had only been instructed last week, Mr Justice Saunders said: "I am prepared to do so (adjourn for a psychiatric report) with some reluctance, because it may just be putting off the evil day.
Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid bin Hamad Al-Khalifa disclosed that in a statemet to the TV channel, questioning "how to attend in a country that sends evil day by day".
The moral of this story is that early diagnosis can put off the evil day and, indeed, in extreme cases can avoid total blindness.
The Government has succeeded in delaying the evil day but the moment of truth arrives in 2012 so the sooner public transport is electrified the better (and cheaper).
The minister may feel that the Government should take the risk, especially as that would put off the evil day until he is out of office and his successor has to admit the Treasury has demanded a further cut in Defra's budget to pay an EU fine.
The drastic action, it was argued at the time, was necessary to rescue the entire financial system from collapse; detractors pointed out that, not only was the coercive extraction of taxpayer funds to reward risky behavior on the part of the world's wealthiest a moral and fiscal outrage, it would do little besides postpone the evil day.
The players, in fairness, started the game yesterday well enough and might have been a couple of goals ahead before David Edwards began yet another evil day.
The FA appears to be putting off the evil day in the hope either Everton collapse at home or Liverpool get thrashed abroad, but they may have to get off the fence soon And fast.