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Resident Evil 4 took things in a different direction.
Resident Evil 7" director Koushi Nakanishi explained that even though Chris Redfield's depiction in "Resident Evil 6" had a real impression, they still felt that it was "deformed.
Belief in the evil eye is strongest in West Asia, Latin America, East and West Africa, Central America, South Asia, Central Asia and Europe.
Why not include Lars von Trier, for instance, who seems intensely concerned with the reality of evil in his films?
The evil eye may have been introduced into Jewish thought by Talmudic authorities exposed to Babylonian culture, according to Joshua Trachtenberg, the late author of Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion.
Augustine highlights a quantitative difference between evil people and the rest of us, not a qualitative one.
Practically, we continue to live in a world where evil is prevalent, frequently violating its boundaries and intruding upon divine reality and human responsibility (287).
In light of Scripture, Christians have commonly assumed that evil either originates in the tempting serpent or in humans' act of eating the forbidden fruit.
They inflate the evil of the "other guy" and exaggerate his vices, while disregarding or excusing the infractions of "their guy" and playing up his virtues, in order to create the illusion of contrast.
Given that God grants existence to moral agents and to their evil volitional acts, how is it that God is not morally culpable?
Hala Yehya, a Saudi housewife, said the evil eye is a reality that exists in society.
But is also known as the 'Double Eye' to account for the fact it hides evil under the mask of friendship.
This fascination was especially tied to the tendency to regard evil as an aesthetic object, where evil appears as something other and therefore functions as an alternative to the banality of everyday life.
The essays in this collection highlight a number of perspectives on how the concept of evil is experienced, constructed, and confronted, from Christian, Muslim, secular, and traditional African religious perspectives.
2 : causing harm : tending to injure <an evil spell>