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give evidence of something

to show signs of something; to give proof of something. You are going to have to give evidence of your good faith in this matter. A nominal deposit would be fine. She gave evidence of being prepared to go to trial, so we settled the case.
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much in evidence

Cliché very visible or evident. John was much in evidence during the conference. Your influence is much in evidence. I appreciate your efforts.
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in evidence

obvious Police and ambulance crews were in evidence all over town after the storm.
Usage notes: sometimes used with much or very much for emphasis: Good sportsmanship is always very much in evidence in these competitions.
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turn king's/queen's evidence

  also turn state's evidence
if someone who has been accused of a crime turns king's evidence, they give information in a court of law about other people involved in the crime in order to have their own punishment reduced She was given a lenient sentence in exchange for turning king's evidence.
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in evidence

1. Also, much in evidence. Plainly visible, conspicuous, as in The car's new dents were very much in evidence. [Second half of 1800s]
2. As testimony in a court of law, as in The attorney submitted the photograph in evidence. [c. 1700]
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n. liquor. (Usually with the. Incorporated into a suggestion that the evidence be destroyed by drinking it.) There is only one thing to do with evidence like this, and that’s drink it.

in evidence

1. Plainly visible; to be seen: It was early, and few pedestrians were in evidence on the city streets.
2. Law As legal evidence: submitted the photograph in evidence.
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turn state's evidence

To give such testimony in court.
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References in classic literature ?
I don't know whether you think that McFarlane came out of jail in the dead of the night in order to strengthen the evidence against himself," said Lestrade.
Holmes, and when I have got my evidence I come to my conclusions.
The inquiry being, so far, at an end, the inquest was adjourned--on the chance of obtaining additional evidence, when the reported proceedings were read by the public.
He had read the medical evidence contained in the report of the inquest; and, believing that he could identify the deceased, had been sent by his present master to assist the object of the inquiry.
The jury viewed the body, and John Cavendish gave evidence of identification.
His evidence was quite unimportant, being a mere repetition of that of his brother.
Here, reader, I beg your patience a moment, while I make a just compliment to the great wisdom and sagacity of our law, which refuses to admit the evidence of a wife for or against her husband.
I am leaving to get my proofs--for the irrefutable evidence of the murderer's guilt.
This applies even in the apparently simple case of answering questions: if the purpose of the answers is to deceive, their falsehood, not their truth, will be evidence of knowledge.
Sabin said, handing him Duson's letter, "is some evidence to the contrary.
I love you too much to live with you for the rest of my life wondering all the time whether you still believed or whether the weight of the evidence had crushed out that tiny little spark of intuition which is all that makes you believe me now.
The boy gave his evidence clearly enough, but the servant's mind had not yet recovered the shock inflicted on it--he was plainly incapable of assisting the objects of the inquiry, and he was desired to stand down.
Immediately it was rumoured all over the prison that Moll Flanders would turn evidence against one of the highwaymen, and that I was to come off by it from the sentence of transportation.
Evidence that was no evidence, and that's what we have to prove.
It has been about here again--I find evidences of its presence every day.