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turn king's/queen's evidence

To provide evidence in court implicating other parties involved in the crime for which one has been charged, in order to receive a reduced sentence or to avoid prosecution altogether. Primarily heard in UK. We're leaning on him pretty hard, so we think he'll turn king's evidence and finger his accomplices.
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in evidence

1. Evident; plainly visible. All the renovations you made to the house are clearly in evidence. I think prospective buyers will be impressed. Jason said he's been cleaning his room all day, but I just went up there, and I didn't see much progress in evidence.
2. As evidence in a court proceeding. The attorney handed the judge the documents so she could admit them in evidence.
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give evidence of something

to show signs of something; to give proof of something. You are going to have to give evidence of your good faith in this matter. A nominal deposit would be fine. She gave evidence of being prepared to go to trial, so we settled the case.
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much in evidence

Cliché very visible or evident. John was much in evidence during the conference. Your influence is much in evidence. I appreciate your efforts.
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in evidence

1. Also, much in evidence. Plainly visible, conspicuous, as in The car's new dents were very much in evidence. [Second half of 1800s]
2. As testimony in a court of law, as in The attorney submitted the photograph in evidence. [c. 1700]
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in ˈevidence

present and clearly seen: There were very few local people in evidence at the meeting.What’s the matter with John? His sense of humour hasn’t been much in evidence recently.
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turn King’s/Queen’s ˈevidence

(British English) (American English turn State’s ˈevidence) give information against other criminals in order to get a less severe punishment: One of the gang turned State’s evidence and identified at least three others involved in the fraud.
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n. liquor. (Usually with the. Incorporated into a suggestion that the evidence be destroyed by drinking it.) There is only one thing to do with evidence like this, and that’s drink it.

in evidence

1. Plainly visible; to be seen: It was early, and few pedestrians were in evidence on the city streets.
2. Law As legal evidence: submitted the photograph in evidence.
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turn state's evidence

To give such testimony in court.
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Although we have reason to believe from geological evidence that the whole body of arctic shells underwent scarcely any modification during their long southern migration and re-migration northward, the case may have been wholly different with those intruding forms which settled themselves on the intertropical mountains, and in the southern hemisphere.
Ignorant as I was of the law, I could see what impression the evidence (so far) was intended to produce on the minds of the jury.
In the face of such evidence as this, cross-examination was a mere form.
A medical man was also charged with the duty of reporting on the mental condition of the servant, which appeared at present to debar him from giving any evidence of the least importance.
The reports describe an increase since Daubert in the likelihood that scientific evidence will be challenged and great variability from court to court in what potential testimony gets excluded.
Among approaches working to reduce student demand for alcohol, strategies with evidence of efficacy include brief intervention and alcohol skills training involving normative feedback.
But gathering the evidence was made more difficult by the mess in the CFO's office.
These topics are often left out of discussions on evidence based practice.
For many, this was evidence enough of the Court's commitment to civil liberties.
Like Grissom, Holmes loved putting his crime scene evidence under the magnifying glass, checking out footprints, soil samples, and the wear pattern on a pair of boots.
So intent were some in the White House to convince voters of such a connection that last September, Cheney raised the possibility that Saddam's regime had direct ties to the 9/11 hijackers on "Meet the Press" The speciousness of Cheney's statement was so apparent that the president himself found it necessary to note publicly that there was no evidence of such a link.
Evidence Based Medicine is an approach to healthcare where medical professionals utilize the best external research (evidence) to supplement their clinical training and expertise.
This methodical destruction of evidence can only be attributed to the prosecutors' fear of being exposed as executioners of an innocent man.
Only in the face of overwhelming and unambiguous evidence does any consensus emerge.
By far the most troubling was the discovery of ADL's close ties to Israeli officials and the Mossad, and evidence that ADL, Gerard and Bullock had passed on information about individuals and groups to Israeli and South African intelligence.