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But there seems no question that its wildly successful experiment in aggregating information and staging ongoing conversations about everything under the sun (at press time, the site boasts more than 6 million articles in 251 different languages) will provide a model for even more expansive efforts in the future.
JUNCTION CITY - Camping World, the new RV-supply store on Highway 99, has everything under the sun - literally.
These few players complain about everything under the sun yet c panders to their every need and it's usually the manager who has carried them on his back who they will shaft.
Made worse by silly, prissy courtiers who encourage him into more buffoonery by believing his views on everything under the sun actually matter.
For containers, we use everything under the sun,'' says Terry.
Without any outside investment or debt of any kind, TAEUS has grown into a 25-person company that's renowned for its ability to reverse engineer just about anything--thus the company's moniker: an acronym for Tearing Apart Everything Under the Sun.
Soon the dialogue between the two men enters their personal lives and loves, after having covered everything under the sun, from Zeitgeist to psychology to marriage.
No lab in the world can find everything under the sun that may affect a horse's performance, so the aim of freezing samples for later examination is to increase the deterrent effect in the use of prohibited substances.
You can try everything under the sun to get more fans to the Racecourse.
For eight years, the PT investigated everything under the sun.
Robin said: "It seems that there is a vast amount of activity and everything under the sun out there - workshops, industrial activity, houses and burials.
The result is Everything Under The Sun, a self-funded eight-track CD, which was recorded on January 30 and is currently available from HMV, Cardiff and through her website at w w w.
The home page attempts to list everything under the sun all on one page, acting more as a site map rather than an actual Web page.
Some of the searches seemed a bit slow to me and I was disappointed that clicking on Bible verses gave me only the King James Version, but this medium will surely encourage wide reading of Luther and quizzing him--via the search mechanism--about his opinion on everything under the sun.
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