every man jack

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every man jack (of us/them)

  (old-fashioned) also every last man (of us/them) (old-fashioned)
every single person If you sack me the others will walk out too, every man jack of them. Every last man of us is ready to fight for their country.
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He did, however, praise Villa, adding "Their defence worked their socks off and you give them full credit for that, every man jack of them.
But cricket matches are won by teams and the thanks of a rejoicing sporting nation should go to every man jack of the side who had the self-belief to pick themselves up after Leeds.
BUT what we should never forget is how important a winner at Cheltenham is to every man Jack and woman Jill in the sport - owner, trainer, jockey and punter.
The respect and affection in which Thomas is held by the team is bound to ensure that every man Jack of them busts a gut for his cause as well as their own and that of the team.
He said, 'Most people will never understand, or imagine, the situations, feelings and experiences that every man jack who has been based in Al Amarah has experienced.
was with the Western Mail & Echo cricket team after an evening 20-over thrash, watching the drama unfold on the television in the pavilion bar and every man Jack of us was roaring Elias on as if it was the Olympics, World Championships and Universe Open all rolled into one.
Every man jack of Chelsea's team of football royalty graft because Jose Mourinho will not have it any other way.
Every man jack sprinted that extra ten yards to block the ball to stop us.
He said: "Their defence worked their socks off and you give them full credit for that, every man jack of them.
Chairman Sam Naylor said: "It was a great effort and I was proud of every man jack of them.
The orchestra played on manfully but every man Jack of them knew they were doomed.
Written by noted librettist Philip Littell, with music by Grammy award-winning composer Libby Larsen, Every Man Jack will premiere during the Green Music Festival at Sonoma State University, with financial support from Kenwood Vineyards, its exclusive wine sponsor.
Yet every man jack of the written press corps, including London's finest, had hung on long after the salmon goujons to talk to the captain of the Grand Slam champions.