every inch the

every inch the something

also every inch a something
completely like something He looked every inch the slick, city businessman. From his white running shoes to his baseball cap, he looks every inch a Californian.
Usage notes: used with verbs like look, seem, and be
See also: every, inch
References in classic literature ?
It caught their fancy that this boat was the Ark, what of its freightage of bedding, dry goods boxes, beer-cases, a cat, two dogs, a white cockatoo, a Chinaman, a kinky-headed black, a gangly pallid-haired giant, a grizzled Dag Daughtry, and an Ancient Mariner who looked every inch the part.
This is Elizabeth's first Hollywood blockbuster and she looked every inch the leading lady.
Hunger Games star Elizabeth looks every inch the fashionista in Elizabeth Banks star Elizabeth looks every inch the fashionista in her 60s-inspired frock.
htm) Kalyan Jewellers campaign , Aishwarya was every inch the stunner donning a mermaid gown adorned with gold bangles.
Richard Gere looks every inch the part as troubled hedge fund magnate Robert Miller who will need every inch of skill to escape from a potentially career-threatening trap he's found himself in.
s every inch the SUMMER Wroniecki looks every inch the star with her beautiful new head of hair.
KATE MOSS looked every inch the catwalk star as she headed out for a night on the town in Brazil yesterday.
Keanu Reeves (right) looks every inch the hero as LAPD anti-terrorist expert Jack Traven in the movie which shot him to superstardom.
The father of three has been sober for more than 20 years, but he speaks the language of the street and still looks every inch the menacing tough guy he admits he used to be.
Stanko Milov, partnering Barker on opening night, was also good, his dancing often brilliant, especially in the Third Act Black Swan Pas de Deux, and every inch the aristocrat throughout.
Meanwhile, Joe's daughter Abigayle (Pascale Armand), who's probably June's age, tends her offstage sick mother while doing an elaborate dance of approach and avoidance with schoolmate Dexter (Armando Riesco), who's every inch the stereotype of a jive-talking, basketballplaying homeboy, except that he's a red-haired white kid.
Agassi is looking every inch the winner of this tournament and should be far too clever for the Moroccan.
For every inch the head moves forward head weight doubles placing additional stress and pressure on the neck with a negative trickle down effect on the entire spine and body.
NATALIE Portman looks every inch the bad girl as she poses for fashion magazine V.
Simply Red star Mick looks every inch the doting dad as he hugs baby Romy in the Paris sunshine.