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Muslims of India will never allow anybody to reduce the numerical strength of Muslim Population in India, and every inch of Indian Union will be protected to the last minute defending integrity, sovereignty and independence of our mother land," the former minister added.
Cynthia Riesterer says the technique addresses every inch of the body and that "each one of the 17 fortifications is based on working a specific body part or a quality of movement.
A boisterous blast of hormones on parade called "The Bitch of Living" introduces all the schoolboy characters, who stomp on every inch of the hardwood stage, including their chairs.
Jimmy Marcus killed every inch of the park and had a good time while doing it--a pure pleasure to watch.
Working space in China is often at a premium, and this woman makes the most of every inch of it.
Every inch of the rack can be used for some sort of storage.
Races can be won and lost by just a few tenths of a second, so he knows that every inch counts in the 805 kilometer (500 mile)-long Daytona 500.
About creating space: every inch of the 24 acres--even those not cultivated--is treated with love and deliberation.
My mom could pull that off because pretty much every inch of her believed what she said.
Thus the curators have made an almost quixotic effort to scour every inch of their catchment area, which extends beyond the five boroughs into New Jersey and upstate.
She reaches back tentatively but lives her life in terror, bruised and battered on every inch of her body.
As a Labour party man with 35 years of membership - much longer than Mr Blair - I would fight it every inch of the way.
In the absence of seas, every inch of Mars' vast landscapes is visible.
I liken the competitive landscape to a World War I movie, where you know every inch of the territory and you fight for every inch, just to stay where you are.
This is their territory, and they cover every inch of it exquisitely with detailed guidance, plenty of photographs and a resource guide.