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9 A-3 B-2 C-1 CORRECT ANSWER B Every two to three wears.
Return from the campsite at 6am then at least every 10 minutes until 2pm.
Every day at Campbell Hall is like hanging out at the frat house, without all the debauchery.
Every flower dropped off, then every leaf, and finally every branch.
By definition, every machine on the network saw every bit of data transmitted--this was necessary, to figure out which packets it should grab.
Every cell is about 80 percent water, and every chemical reaction important to life requires water," Williams says.
Just 68 out of every 100 9th graders will graduate from high school on time.
Assuming knowledge is static Just as every learner is different, the nature of knowledge is fluid.
We sat on the steps every night making large bunting going across every house.
The dignity of every person derives from God, the Creator of all, and to promote, protect and defend this dignity forms an integral part of every believer's life.
Kitty is such a strong brand that she will always make the best present--the safest present because everyone loves her--so by making her local, we were creating the perfect souvenir of every place you go.
Have a fasting lipoprotein profile every five years beginning at age 20, more often if there is a family history of high cholesterol.
The Physicians' Health Study II is giving 15,000 male physicians vitamin E (400 IU every other day), vitamin C (500 mg every day), and/or beta-carotene (83,000 IU every other day).
Hoover HS annexed the state championship with an offense that averaged 37 points a game and a defense that held opponents to under 12 points a game -- with every game coming down to the quality of each team's kicking game.
The concern over national purpose took many forms in the decade after the Cold War, including a call from big-government conservatives for massive federal projects that would incarnate "American greatness" and a left-liberal demand for a reinvigorated communitarianism that would create a political agenda every bit as centralizing as the fight again communism had been.