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Drizzle a little cold Syrup evenly over kadayif as soon as it is removed from the oven.
Add milk mixture to flour mixture and stir by hand just until batter is evenly moistened.
An appropriately placed cluster of gratings, however, distributes the sound energy much more evenly.
US economists see the greatest strength in North America (39%) and China (36%), with Europe barely registering (9%), while non-US economists are more evenly divided among the three regions (Europe, 25%; North America, 23%, China: 24%).
When asked about their organization's greatest technological barrier to provisioning, responses were almost evenly split between data consolidation, definition of roles, and having highly distributed users and systems.
Beat in raisins, candied peel and almonds, beating only until evenly distributed throughout dough.
Holding on to ends, shake bag to coat pieces evenly with marinade.
Gershenfeld of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology propose using nuclear magnetic resonance devices to corral millions of atoms within an evenly heated volume of material.
Fill any unused muffin cups in the pan halfway up with water prior to baking to help nearby muffins bake evenly, keep them from drying out and protect metal pans from warping in the high oven heat.
Mono-Toggle clamp forces are concentrated in the center of the moving platen and distributed evenly over the entire platen.
Bankrupt Airline Orders 90 Regional Jets, Divides Order Evenly Between Bombardier, Embraer.
For 11 women, blood flow rose nearly evenly on both sides of the brain; the other 8 displayed a tendency toward more activity on the left side, but less than the men did.
Slinging a backpack over one shoulder or using backpacks with one shoulder strap that runs across the body does not allow weight to be distributed evenly, which can cause muscle strain.
Because the liquids spread extraordinarily evenly, the coating can be used to circumvent everyday problems associated with fluid globs.
A large flat area will spread the initial molten steel evenly and prevent the bath level from rising too quickly.