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Evening may therefore be called 'the old age of the day,' and old age, 'the evening of life,' or, in the phrase of Empedocles, 'life's setting sun.
Idle Dreams BEING young and foolish is the prerogative Of youth, Time has not provided the understanding Of adulthood, You live in hope, and hope as always a False-friend, A shadow that goes before you, that is lost In darkness, Living passes you by, the here and now yet To become memories, We suffer remorse as we age, something the Young are free from, In the evening of life, time is as vital as the Air that we breathe, The shadow lengthens, the dying light flickers, Life's challenge lost, Naked when entering this world, it exposes us To the humility of being, To the young, We of many years have had our time, They have yet to live, Being young and foolish has great merit when Viewed by those who are not, Yet the shadow remains with young and old Forever among those idle dreams.