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good day

A conventional, formal, and somewhat old-fashioned expression of greeting or farewell used during the daytime. Good day, sir! What news do you have for me from our partners out east? I will not tolerate this sort of rudeness! I bid you good day!
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good evening

A conventional expression of greeting or, less commonly, farewell used around or after dusk. Good evening, Mary, is your father home? I believe we've made great progress so far, and we shall resume in the morning. Good evening, gentlemen!
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of a morning/afternoon/evening

1. Very often at this time of day; on most occasions at this time of day. My father has a ritual of an evening, enjoying the newspaper with a measure of whiskey after dinner in front of the fire.
2. At some point at this time of day. There's a soccer club playing at the park if you're ever stuck for something to do of a morning in the summertime.

lady of the evening

euphemism A prostitute. I love living in this neighborhood, but there are a few ladies of the evening who start hanging around looking for business after dark.
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evening of life

Euph. old age. As she approached the evening of life, Sarah looked back on her accomplishments with satisfaction. The residents of this rest home are all in the evening of life.
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(Good) evening.

1. the appropriate greeting for use between supper time and the time of taking leave for the night or by midnight. (Compare this with Good night.) Bob: Good evening, Mary. How are you? Mary: Evening, Bob. Nice to see you. "Good evening," said each of the guests as they passed by Mr. and Mrs. Franklin.
2. the appropriate phrase used for leave-taking between supper time and before the time of final leave-taking to go to bed. Mary: Let's call it a day. See you tomorrow, Bill. Bill: Yes, it's been a long and productive day. Good evening, Mary. Bob: Nice seeing you, Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson: Good evening, Bob.

lady of the evening

Euph. a prostitute. I saw several ladies of the evening down on Main Street. He was approached by a lady of the evening.
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thank you for a lovely evening

an expression said by a departing guest to the host or hostess at the end of an evening. (Other adjectives, such as nice, can be used in place of lovely.) Mary: Thank you for a lovely evening. John: Will I see you again? Bill: Thank you for a nice evening. Mary: Thank you so much for coming. Good night.
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good day

Also, good afternoon or evening or morning . Formal ways of saying "Hello" or "Goodbye." For example, He began rather oddly by addressing the audience with " Good day," or " Good afternoon, ladies," said the sales clerk as we walked out. All these greetings represent an abbreviation of the now obsolete God give you a good day (afternoon, etc.), which dates from about 1200. Also see good night.
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good evening

see under good day.
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References in classic literature ?
Emma allowed her father to talkbut supplied her visitors in a much more satisfactory style, and on the present evening had particular pleasure in sending them away happy.
If Gilbert were always as he has been this evening how nice and simple everything would be," reflected Anne.
The evening closing in, his despair changed into melancholy, which was the more gloomy as, involuntarily, Van Baerle mixed up with it the thought of his poor tulip.
In the evening, Gryphus took away the breakfast and dinner of Cornelius, who had scarcely touched them.
He guessed that she expected an answer, but that she would not come before the evening to fetch it.
That night Anne, who had wound up the delightful evening with a serious little talk with Mrs.
This one delectable evening culled from each dull seventy was to Chandler a source of renascent bliss.
For this evening he was an exhibit as well as a gazer.
Chandler protracted his walk until the Forties began to intersect the great and glittering primrose way, for the evening was yet young, and when one is of the
In his chilly bedroom Chandler laid away his evening clothes for a sixty-nine days' rest.
What is so exquisite," he thought, as he returned from the Shtcherbatskys', carrying away with him, as he always did, a delicious feeling of purity and freshness, arising partly from the fact that he had not been smoking for a whole evening, and with it a new feeling of tenderness at her love for him--"what is so exquisite is that not a word has been said by me or by her, but we understand each other so well in this unseen language of looks and tones, that this evening more clearly than ever she told me she loves me.
And he began wondering where to finish the evening.
Maggie gratefully accepted an employment that gave her duties as well as a support; her days would be filled now, and solitary evenings would be a welcome rest.
On the evening of the same day, when the barracks were locked, Raskolnikov lay on his plank bed and thought of her.
But he could not think for long together of anything that evening, and he could not have analysed anything consciously; he was simply feeling.