even break

even break

An equal opportunity; fair treatment. Primarily heard in US. I know I'm not the CEO's niece or daughter, but this is my dream job, and I am more than qualified for it. Can I please just get an even break?
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*an even break

a fair chance; a fair judgment. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Please give me an even break! I need some help here!
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an even break

a fair chance. informal
This phrase is perhaps best known from W. C. Fields's catchphrase ‘Never give a sucker an even break’. It is said to have originated in the 1923 musical Poppy, and was also the title of one of Field's films ( 1941 ).
See also: break, even
References in classic literature ?
She could not even break loose from culture, and her time was wasted by concerts which it would be a sin to miss, and invitations which it would never do to refuse.
Meanwhile I could not even break my fast, but roamed the flat in a misery not to be described, my very linen still unchanged, my cheeks and chin now tawny from the unwholesome night.
Duterte fulfill his promise of change when he can't even break loose from patronage politics?
Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin said that the autonomy of Donbas might weaken Ukraine and even break it up, as Russia wants.
I WAS interested to read Robert Sutcliffe's column 'Why you can't give a women an even break at snooker' (Examiner, May 10).
We have paid together 51 years of tax, all we are asking for is an even break.
You might get it open that way, but enough of that abuse can bend or even break off the lever.
He says that workers and an inspector came in his absence and announced that they would even break into the premises by force.
The sample should fail with an even break through the wet layer, just below the top edge of the sample tube.
The company's sales outlet in Shanghai became profitable in the second quarter of this year despite a slight loss of one million RMB, predicting that half of the Hola stores in China might turn profitable next year, with the operations there might even break even within three years.
The fungus grips the rock, and can even break it down, possibly increasing the projected decay rate of one inch for every 10,000 years.
Hopefully three seasons from now I may be good enough to challenge or even break the record.
Of course, this can irritate and even break the surface of the skin, making it more prone to soreness and infection.
Cost savings can even break 30% if parts are made with local supplies, Federico adds.
I'm looking forward to the night and I might even break into song myself.