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celebrated the graduate at Princeton, even as you whispered to me that
Some even advocate a new national holiday--all to get more voters to come to the ballot.
That tactic was far more effective than a pulpit-based partisan campaign against Connor, which merely would have expended energy saying things anyone who was paying even the slightest bit of attention already knew, or, sadly, had experienced first hand.
By the 1950s, in the midst of the Kabaka Crisis, it had become obvious to even the most oblivious British officials that they needed a more thorough understanding of ideas such as kingship, chiefship, and even paternal power.
All this subversive fiction, even when it seems wholly nihilistic, even as its plots meander and end ambiguously, even at Ballard's violent best or Acker's senseless worst, thus seems inherently optimistic: it presupposes a reader for whom writing still matters, and a world that has the capacities and technologies of reading and writing, because in the novels, mysterious and malevolent abuses have eradicated just such a world.
In more recent years, an increasing body of evidence points to mental health benefits that promote an even more successful outcome for patients who participate in exercise as part of their rehabilitation.
And the potential for corruption is heightened for even the best-intentioned governments.
That requires thousands, or even tens of thousands, of decoders.
We all know that a heart attack could come at any time, and even those who are young recognize that the biological clock is ticking.
Even in America, I believe, the quality of our democracy--more fundamentally, the moral character of American society--is similarly at risk.
A general rule of thumb is to assume the warfighter/user is correct, even if he or she disagrees with some in your chain of command.
Some people think that because inhalants are easy to get and simple to use they're less dangerous than street drugs, or even prescription drugs.
Senator Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, went even further.
He called on the Public Relations Society of America to investigate these industry leaders' conduct, perhaps censure them, perhaps even expel them for allegedly illegal activities and violations of the PRSA Code of Ethics.