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evaluate (someone) as (something)

To judge or grade someone or something in a particular way. Well, of course you were critiqued more harshly—she evaluated you as the professional dancer you are!
See also: evaluate

evaluate someone as something

to judge someone's performance as something. I will have to evaluate you as a new student. We must evaluate ourselves as teachers and leaders.
See also: evaluate
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How do these companies evaluate their successful internal auditors?
Regardless of the documentation chosen to evaluate student learning, the assessment should be firmly grounded in the learning objectives detailed prior to the learning experience.
Although the auditor's primary responsibility is to evaluate the adequacy of the loan loss allowance, practical considerations may dictate a review of the separate loan categories that constitute the portfolio.
A retrospective review of 28 patients with CMML who received Dacogen in previously-conducted phase 2 and phase 3 studies was performed to evaluate the complete response, partial remission, and hematologic improvement rates.
As it is neither feasible nor desirable to evaluate all aspects of a program, identifying specific audit areas is important.
In the 1960s, large, growth-oriented businesses found themselves with more business opportunities than resources, but with no way to evaluate these opportunities.
To evaluate the first year of the "PEPP" program, a questionnaire was sent to all 365 physicians in March 1990 to determine their opinions about the performance appraisal concept and to obtain their feedback about the process as they experienced it.
The company encourages auditors, during the course of their work, to question and evaluate all aspects of the business and the use of resources.
WHEN USING A SPECIALIST, auditors should evaluate the specialist's professional qualifications, understand the objectives and scope of the specialist's work, the appropriateness of using a specialist's work for the intended purpose and the form and content of the specialist's findings.
It can be used to evaluate the esophageal lumen, lower esophagus, and the stomach.
Teacher candidates therefore were instructed to critically evaluate their written report by completing the Fieldwork Project Rubric during the translating and monitoring phase and were provided feedback for improvement through review of the completed rubric with the course instructor.
Northwest plans to hire consultant to evaluate possible merger.
CPAs should evaluate existing tax accruals for items that do not meet the more-likely-than-not requirement.
ThromboGenics NV (Euronext Brussels: THR), Leuven, Belgium, a biotechnology company focused on vascular disease, has initiated a Phase IIa clinical trial to evaluate microplasmin for the intra-arterial treatment of stroke.
It also provides a structure to help evaluate the credibility of a publication.