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evacuate (one's) bowels

To defecate. Hang on, I've got to evacuate my bowels before we leave the house.
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evacuate one's bowels

Euph. to defecate. After taking a jog around the block, Jill felt the need to evacuate her bowels. I am afraid my little boy is sick. He has not evacuated his bowels for several days.
See also: bowel, evacuate

evacuate someone (from something) (to something)

to remove someone from something or some place to another thing or place, as in an emergency. They had to evacuate everyone from the subway station to a nearby building. The rescuers evacuated the people from the flames.
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When they registered upon arrival, they were instructed to live out of their luggage and not to unpack, as we may have to evacuate if told to do so.
A decision was taken to evacuate the aircraft following the usual procedures.
Primary concerns are to rescue casualties, to set up cordons, to evacuate everyone from within the inner and outer cordons, to preserve the inner cordon as a crime scene, and to institute traffic diversions.
According to the Louisiana Hospital Association, New Orleans hospitals have contingency plans to evacuate and transfer patients to facilities as far north as Shreveport.
The government has also received requests from 26 countries, including the US, France, Germany, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to help evacuate their citizens from Yemen, where Saudi Arabian-led Sunni coalition of 10 nations has launched air strikes against Shia Houthi rebels-backed by Iran.
We were just told to evacuate the departure lounge and spent about ten minutes outside.
Around half a million people were urged to evacuate their homes in coastal areas of Jamaica yesterday as the storm bore down.
The police spokesman said: ``We had to evacuate people from their houses in a small area and some of the people were helped by Gwynedd council while others made their own arrangements.
Preparations are also being made to evacuate Pakistanis in Aden through Almakla Airport as well where the situation is comparatively better.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Syrian Arab Airlines continues its flights to Libya to evacuate the Syrian citizens in it.
Ellis Stanley, general manager of the city's Emergency Preparedness Department, said plans have been developed on how to evacuate people from near the ocean in the event of a tsunami and from localized areas in the case of a large earthquake, detonation of a ``dirty bomb'' or a chemical release.
LOS ANGELES -- With wind-whipped fires burning uncontrolled in Southern California today, property owners are being asked to evacuate their homes at a moment's notice.
Irfan Shami while talking to private channel said every possible steps being taken to safely evacuate Pakistan citizens residing in Yemen, whereas 95% Pakistani will be evacuated soon to the war torn country.
Ibrahim also added in a statement to SANA that the Syrian Embassy in Libya is working on sending a number of ships to the Libyan ports to evacuate 1600 Syrians.