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et al.

And others. This abbreviation is typically used after a name or list of names to indicate the inclusion of others. This research was carried out by Richards et al.
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et tu, Brute?

(pronounced “Bru-TAY”) An expression of feeling betrayed. Marcus Brutus was one of the conspirators against Julius Caesar, formerly his great friend. Shakespeare's drama has Caesar's dying words the Latin for “and you, Brutus?” meaning “and you too” and uttered with tragic resignation as the Roman emperor recognized Brutus as one of his assassins.
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When she assumes the duties in January 1994, Cole will be the fourth president in the 46-year history of ETS.
Only 76 cycles did not include ETS exposure; of these, 42% resulted in conception.
CORPTAX ETS is grounded by the calculations and built-in intelligence of CORPTAX, the multiyear tax compliance and planning system that helps corporate tax departments manage their company's tax liabilities and comply with the multitude of complex laws and regulations.
Based on more than a decade of research, ETS PPI was developed in response to requests from graduate deans and admissions professionals to address a need for noncognitive measures to evaluate applicants.
Reports of ETS exposure are complicated by poor recall, an inattention to crucial details such as adjustment for the amount of tobacco exposure, the child's proximity to the smoker, room ventilation, and other factors that may compromise the validity of exposure measures," the authors write.
The goal at ETS is to use Optim to proactively de-identify sensitive employee and contractor information in its PeopleSoft[R] Enterprise Human Capital Management application.
The ETS analysis measures total antioxidants plus the specific concentrations of resveratrol, quercetin, catechin and tannin.
The results showed a clear pattern of differential ETS exposure, with African-American children receiving the highest average exposure.
Wave's ETS software is a trusted applications and services software security suite designed to be compliant with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specifications.
Overall, ETS exposure was associated with a 27% increase in risk of school absences related to respiratory illness.
According to a new study by the University of California, San Francisco, adults with asthma experience ETS exposure while traveling and, for many of them, this exposure is their principal source of ETS.
With our ETS-ProView Managed Services program, ETS has shifted its attention from selling products, to supplying integrated technology solutions and services that better satisfy our clients' changing IT requirements," said ETS President Jim Siragusa.
The researchers suggest that the well-studied link between ETS and low birth weight may provide a plausible model to explain this result.
This ruling will affect "all students who are treated unfairly by ETS," said Brian.