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etched in stone

Permanently fixed or firmly established; not subject to any amendment or alteration. Often used in the negative. The deal isn't yet etched in stone, but we're confident it will go ahead as hoped.
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etch (something) in(to) (something)

To cut something, such as a design or message, into some material or surface, usually with acid. Here, use the substance and try to etch your name into the glass.
See also: etch

etch something in(to) something

 and etch something in
to erode a design or message into something, usually with acid. They etched their family crest into their good crystal. He etched in his initials.
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cast in stone

Also, etched in stone. Definite, fixed, as in We may choose to stay longer-our plans aren't cast in stone, or When Carl sets an agenda you can safely assume it's etched in stone. Both expressions allude to sculpture, with the first, from the early 1500s, using the verb cast in the sense of pouring and hardening some material into a final form, and the second cutting or corroding a permanent design.
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be etched on your ˈheart/ˈmemory/ˈmind

be something that you will never forget because it affected you so strongly: The image of their son holding up the championship trophy would be etched on their memories forever.
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chip manufacturers now worry they will indeed have to advance what is today only a cursory understanding of plasma etching.
To date, scientists have not helped advance plasma etching much.
After preparation, the first step with cast iron is to examine the as-polished specimen before etching to properly view the graphite phase.
Following is the examination of gray and ductile iron micrographs before etching.
The self-portraits were brought together in "Rembrandt by Himself" (The Hague/London, 1999), and "Rembrandt's Women" (Edinburgh/ London, 2001) was the slightly coarse title given a fine selection of his depictions of women in paintings, drawings, and etchings.
Because this etching process can be done on a microscopic scale, one of its most promising applications is in microoptics, for creating large arrays consisting of thousands of tiny lenses, each as small as a micron in diameter.
Performance demonstrations conducted by Aviza on the Omega platform show that improved etch rates can be achieved in high aspect ratios without degrading the profile, CD control or ability to stop etching on oxide or metallic under layers.
The superior technology of the first Applied Centura AdvantEdge Etch system, designed for silicon etching, generated strong customer acceptance, with more than 50 chambers in the field since its introduction in July 2005.
The system is a critical enabler for etching new materials such as noble metal electrodes and capacitor structures, as well as ferroelectric, high-K dielectric, compound semiconductor and interconnect materials.
Our market share gains in 2004 demonstrated increasing customer acceptance of our most advanced systems, especially for dielectric and silicon etching," said Dr.
The collected intensity trace is a combination of the interference pattern caused by the etching Si trench and that caused by the etching of the mask material.
Based upon AIT's newly confirmed patented technology, the advanced ELP framework leverages AIT's world-class selective Etching process, allowing tight integration of multiple I/Os into a reduced area.
The company's primary suites of equipment include electrochemical deposition systems for electroplating copper, gold, solder and other metals; surface preparation systems for cleaning, stripping and etching silicon wafers; and wafer transport container cleaning systems.
This follow-on order was based on the excellent performance of the Tegal 981 tools currently on-site, along with Tegal's technical support, process development expertise, and experience and capabilities in etching specialty materials on non-standard substrates.
Both etching and deposition are key process steps and must be repeated multiple times in the production of these devices.