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ECT REACTIVE* = I RAVE ETC (tear hair out, yell, stamp my foot.
REACTING = A GRIN ETC (painful muscle adjustment, having to grin at a bad joke)
ADOLESCENT* = LONE, SAD ETC (you have to feel sorry for teenagers)
Kevin Ausman, CBEN's executive director, says the ETC Group's concerns are "based largely on speculation and hypotheses.
Not surprisingly, the ETC Group's worries in this connection are chiefly egalitarian, specifically that nanotechnology will increase the power of corporations and governments while further immiserating the poor.
Let's consider a couple of dystopic nanotech visions outlined by University of Saskatchewan sociologist Michael Mehta, an ETC Group sympathizer: "nanopanopticism" and "nanomercantilism.
Transport minister Chikage Ogi said that denying drivers access to the highway card would help convert them to the ETC system.
In June, the transport ministry announced that it would give discounts for the transponders to the first 450,000 vehicles that applied for the two-year monitoring of the ETC system use.
ETC system usage on the expressways is now rapidly increasing.
Blue Mountain Day Camp and ETC share the rustic side of the facility.
The resident and ETC programs share a brochure, and all three programs share open houses where campers meet.
During the summer, he leads trips for ETC and is the ETC CIT director.
VHF radios explore options on ETC site for using radios.
Identify and secure adequate warehouse space in Port Loko or Freetown to ensure regular and reliable supply of all essentials to the ETC and base camp/accommodation
All visitors who attend the presentations and view demonstrations of products on the ETC stand will be entered into a raffle to win a Source Four Mini