et al

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et al.

something that you say after a name or list of names to refer to other people in the group This issue is discussed in more detail in the article by Cooper et al.
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These findings generally confirm the generalizability of the Jarvenpaa et al.
In 2003, Kinnari et al published the results of their in vitro study of the use of tympanostomy tubes coated with human serum albumin.
In general, pyroxene-bearing rocks, granites, and granodiorites have higher magnetic susceptibilities than metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks (except iron formation) and associated tonalites and diatexites (Pilkington and Percival 1999, 2001; Leclair et al.
The currently reported prevalence rates represent 1% to 3% of the population in industrialized countries; however, actual rates may be considerably higher as the accuracy of these statistics remains suspect due to underreporting (American Psychiatric Association, 2000; Keel et al.
Because homes are poorly ventilated and this fuel source is inefficient, requiring fires to be kept going for many hours a day, women and their infant children are exposed to years of daily smoke (Bruce et al.
Seto WH, Tsang D, Yung RW, Ching TY, Ng TK, Ho M, et al.
However, Saletu et al reported that caroverine might not have any therapeutic effect on tinnitus beyond that seen with placebo.
5 SPINfinity 5 Regina Belle, Whitney Houston, Lisa Stansfield, et al.
Normative transitions involve change (Carter & McGoldrick, 1980; Olson et al.
A few years ago we reported extrapulmonary translocation of UFPs after intratracheal instillation in hamsters (Nemmar et al.
In one of the early series that addressed this syndrome, Shprintzen et al studied 39 children and found that 11 had overt clefts, 13 had obvious submucosal clefts, and the remaining 15 had occult clefts.
To measure the direct and indirect financial costs associated with these laboratory cross-contamination or mislabeling events, Northrup et al.
Although the cause of testicular cancer is unknown, intra-organismic suggestions include genetic factors, undescended testicles, and infantile hernia (Dearnaley et al.
Trussell J and Kowal D, The essentials of contraception, in: Hatcher RA et al.