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ballpark estimate

An approximate estimate. Mary contacted several plumbers to get a ballpark estimate of the cost to fix her leaky toilet.
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estimate the cost at (something)

To predict that something will cost a certain amount. Unfortunately, I would estimate the cost of these car repairs at $1,000.
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estimate the cost at

(some amount) to approximate the cost of something at a particular amount. I estimate the cost at about one hundred dollars. The cost of repairing the car was estimated at over four thousand dollars!
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a ballpark figure


a ballpark estimate

A ballpark figure or a ballpark estimate is an approximate figure or quantity. Note: A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played. But what are we talking about here — a few thousand, millions, two bucks? Give me a ballpark figure. I think just in a ballpark estimate — about 60-40. Sixty would support, 40 percent would be opposed.
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a ˈballpark figure

a number which is approximately correct: I know we haven’t really discussed costs yet, but can you give me a ballpark figure?
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When one deals with estimative questions, updating assessments on the
The calculation of this estimative method is depicted for the example of the wall insulation.
Judgments about the development of intussusception and its symptoms prior to April 12 must of necessity be estimative because all participants with firsthand knowledge of his condition are long dead, and none of the newspaper or other reports on the ailment after he had taken ill at Shibe Park address whether he experienced beforehand indications of a medical problem.
Finally, the UN spokesperson added "on the humanitarian front, UNRWA is now housing up to 80,000 Palestinians in its various shelters and relief centers and UNRWA's schools; and that we estimative to be about the 5 percent of the entire population.
73 billion gallons are consumed each day; there is also an estimative that 100 million gallons are spilled every year in marine environments [1].
Values of temperature, pressure and relative humidity and some atmospheric constants related to Thayer (1974) refractivity formulation are used from the radiosonde data to calculate in each pressure layer a estimative comparable to the tomography.
User Requirements Information Archive Operations Storage Information Acquisition Access Collection methods Correlation Overt Retrieval Covert Information Reliability Reproducible Consistent Information Validity Historical Single Source Dual Source Triangulation Analytical Methodology Reporting Approach Methods Intuitive Verbal Structured Written Semi-structured Information Processing Historical information Current information Decision Strategies Estimative Predictive Table 2.
In the case of the amount of SOE signals the membership functions were defined thanks to the estimative of an experts crew considering a one second time window for a transmission line as shown on Table 2.
Given their inherent estimative nature, constant challenge and adjustment of the methodologies are mandatory steps to ensure valid, accurate, and reliable abortion estimates.
In this way, it was possible to have a better estimative of the impact of the dimensions evaluated in this study regarding the exercise practice in that specific place.
The table 4 reports the estimative using Tobit model.
The samples were weighed and homogenized; a subsample was withdrawn for the estimative of the botanical composition of the pasture, and structural composition of the elephant grass, being later oven dried to determine the partial dry matter.