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escort (someone) from (something)

To accompany one out of some place or thing. If you keep talking during the play, the usher will escort you from the theater! I escorted my date from the party and made sure she got into a cab safely.
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escort (someone) to (something)

To accompany one to some place or thing. Will you please escort my cousin to the prom? Her date canceled on her at the last minute. One of the ushers will escort you to your seats.
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escort someone or something from something

to accompany or lead someone or something away from something or some place. A police officer escorted them from the auditorium. A band of honorary pallbearers escorted the coffin from the chapel.
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escort someone or something to something

to accompany or lead someone or something to something or some place. We escorted the women to their seats. Claude escorted Harry to the exit and bade him farewell.
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References in classic literature ?
When Ojo was escorted into the great Throne Room of the palace he found hundreds of people assembled there.
She was escorted on to the platform by a young and earnest-looking clergyman, and given a chair in the center of the little group who were gathered there.
The Fox-King had a delightful luncheon put up for them, which the shaggy man shoved in his pocket, and the fox-captain escorted them to an arch at the side of the village opposite the one by which they had entered.
Still, any Clover Leaf was privileged to escort or be escorted by an outsider to a single dance.
You escorted one of our lady members here, and we want chance to make good.
Meekins, who was waiting inside the hall, escorted them by means of the lift to the second floor.
Fentolin himself escorted the inspector into the library and ordered whisky and cigars.
Fentolin escorted the inspector to his dog-cart, shook hands with him, and watched him drive off.
Jos went in a collapsed state to an inn, while Captain Dobbin escorted the ladies, and then busied himself in freeing Jos's carriage and luggage from the ship and the custom-house, for Mr.
Franklin and his three cousins, escorted by one of old Mr.
Fully escorted by a friendly, experienced Tour Manager Venice, Verona& Lake Garda 8 day escorted tour from PS749 Departs 20 May 2015 A choice of accommodation on Italy's largest lake, and some wonderful excursions, as well as a Grand Circular Tour of the lake, ensure the popularity of this great value escorted holiday.
Lake Garda 8 day escorted tour from PS469 Departs 20 May 2015 Join us on the magical, sun-kissed shores of Italy's largest and most popular lake.
We rescued 48 vessels which were attacked and chased by pirates, and escorted eight vessels which were released after abduction," Xinhua quoted Min, as saying.