escort from

escort (someone) from (something)

To accompany one out of some place or thing. If you keep talking during the play, the usher will escort you from the theater! I escorted my date from the party and made sure she got into a cab safely.
See also: escort

escort someone or something from something

to accompany or lead someone or something away from something or some place. A police officer escorted them from the auditorium. A band of honorary pallbearers escorted the coffin from the chapel.
See also: escort
References in classic literature ?
The arms upon shield and helm confirmed his first fear that these had been Bertrade's escort from Stutevill.
She had been upon a visit far from the city of Gathol and returning home had vanished with her whole escort from the sight of man.
I'm really looking forward to meeting the best football players in the world and walking onto the pitch with them," said Cameron White, a 10-year-old Player Escort from Auckland, New Zealand.
Thornhill comes to ESCORT from Igloo Products Corporation where he established a record-setting sales product portfolio as Executive Vice-President & Chief Operations Officer.
For 1997, Ford has overhauled the Escort from one end to the other.