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escalate into (something)

To worsen into a new situation or problem. What he thinks is a moment of constructive criticism often escalates into an argument with his daughter. Please don't let this little squabble escalate into a major rift between you two.
See also: escalate

escalate into something

to intensify into something; to increase gradually into something. This argument is going to escalate into something serious very soon. These cases of the flu could escalate into a real epidemic.
See also: escalate

escalate something into something

to cause something to intensify. He escalated the argument into a vicious fight. The dictator tried to escalate the disagreement into a cause for war.
See also: escalate
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The entire Escalate team is passionate about retail and providing our customers with top-tier tools that allow online shoppers to have the best possible experience on our clients' websites," said Stewart Bloom, CEO, Escalate.
Escalate Retail[R] and the Escalate Retail logo are registered trademarks of Escalate, Inc.
For the latest release of its Clienteling solution, Escalate focused on improving the ease of use and adoptability of the solution, so salespeople can utilize the tools to quickly provide better sales and service to their customers.
Escalate's Clienteling has always been devoted to helping retailers improve their sales associates' ability to deliver superior, personalized service and increase sales," said Rich Harmatiuk, Vice President and General Manager, Escalate Retail.
By empowering consumers with the content and features of online shopping at the shelf - personalized within the context of each shopper's history with your brand - the Pocket Kiosk is poised to change the way people shop in the store," said Rich Harmatiuk, Vice President and General Manager, Escalate Retail.
Escalate Retail's new Pocket Kiosk empowers in-store shoppers with the detailed product information and personalized features of a kiosk, right in their hands, allowing consumers to reach the kind of detailed product information they need to make a buying decision, all while they're at the shelf.
Escalate Retail's Mobile Commerce Rapid Launch program gets retailers up and running on a mobile platform quickly by leveraging valuable existing content and media from the e-Commerce site and presenting it in a mobile-friendly format.
Redesigned user interface to make it easier than ever for sales associates to personalize the layout of Escalate Clienteling so they can be as effective as possible
The longstanding realities of retail have shifted significantly in the last year, including a strong demand for customer relevance and the necessity to be in all channels all the time," said Rich Harmatiuk, Vice President and General Manager, Escalate Retail.
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EILEEN FISHER selected Escalate Retail because we feel they provide the most comprehensive solution for a seamless shopping experience.
As part of Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Commerce[TM], Escalate Retail delivers feature-rich solutions designed to improve the retail customer experience through seamless cross-channel capabilities in the store, on the phone, and over the web.
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