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escalate into (something)

To worsen into a new situation or problem. What he thinks is a moment of constructive criticism often escalates into an argument with his daughter. Please don't let this little squabble escalate into a major rift between you two.
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escalate into something

to intensify into something; to increase gradually into something. This argument is going to escalate into something serious very soon. These cases of the flu could escalate into a real epidemic.
See also: escalate

escalate something into something

to cause something to intensify. He escalated the argument into a vicious fight. The dictator tried to escalate the disagreement into a cause for war.
See also: escalate
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EILEEN FISHER is a progressive brand focused on establishing positive customer relationships, and we are pleased that they have implemented our end-to-end Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Commerce[TM] package," said Rich Harmatiuk, Vice President and General Manager, Escalate Retail.
Escalate Retail, the Escalate Retail logo and Buy Anywhere Fulfill Anywhere Commerce are trademarks of Escalate, Inc.
Escalate maintains sales and support offices worldwide, with
Redesigned user interface to make it easier than ever for sales associates to personalize the layout of Escalate Clienteling so they can be as effective as possible
New revenue-generating channels: By giving consumers the ability to shop anytime, anywhere, Escalate Retail helps retailers create more opportunities to drive revenue.
Found and Escalate believe that this partnership will offer an end- to-end solution that provides retailers and branded manufacturers with a true multi-channel retail technology platform that can be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively.
SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Autonomy Corporation plc , a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that Escalate Retail, the newly formed company from the merger of GERS Retail Systems and Ecometry, has renewed the long-standing partnership to OEM Autonomy's search technology on the Escalate Retail application, Multi-Channel Commerce v7.
SAN DIEGO -- Escalate Retail, the leading provider of solutions that help retailers reinvent the shopping experience for their customers, today announced that St.
The Escalate Direct(TM) Solution is a proprietary combination of integrated selling applications within a hosted delivery model and advisory services.
The Ecometry Direct Commerce Suite from Escalate fuels over 200 direct marketing businesses today, ranging from emerging companies to powerhouse brands that process over 200,000 orders per day.
the first E-Commerce Service Provider (ESP), today announced the availability of the Escalate Merchant Service, a complete, end-to-end e-commerce management service for companies that wish to become online merchants faster and with less investment than was previously possible.
SAN DIEGO -- Escalate Retail today announced that it will premiere and demonstrate its Interactive Store Kiosk application at the National Retail Federation's (NRF) 99th Annual Convention and Expo in New York, January 10-13, 2010 (booth #619.
SAN DIEGO -- Escalate Retail today announced the latest release of its Clienteling application, which will be showcased at the National Retail Federation's (NRF) 99th Annual Convention and Expo in New York, January 10-13, 2010 (booth #619).
the first E-Commerce Service Provider (ESP), today announced that Quokka Sports, a leading provider of sports entertainment for the digital world, has selected the Escalate Commerce Network to power the Quokka.
para]]NEW YORK, June 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Escalate, the experiential and word-of-mouth marketing firm, and IMI International, the global market research firm, jointly unveiled the Marketing Mix Prioritizer(TM) (MMP), a proprietary interactive tool that allows brand marketers the unprecedented ability to "plug and play" their category, target consumer and objective to see a quick "snapshot" view of their integrated marketing mix effectiveness.