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erase (something) from (something)

1. To wipe or rub something off of something else. I did sign up earlier, so someone must have erased my name from the board. Please erase today's lesson from the board, Jack.
2. To remove something from something else. This usage is usually not literal. This is a highly confidential matter, so please erase anything you overheard from your mind.
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erase something from something

1. . Lit. to delete or wipe something from something. Please erase the writing from the blackboard. I will erase the incorrectly spelled word from my paper.
2. Fig. to remove something from something. Erase that smile from your face! I hope you will erase that thought from your mind.
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tv. to kill someone. Mr. Gutman decided who was gonna erase who.
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Tabernus' new Disk Purge product allows any storage device owner to completely erase all data from any SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drive.
Headlines predicted it would erase millions of IBM-compatible computers on March 6, the Italian artist's birthday.
Even computer professionals believe that reformatting the hard drive erases all the hard drive's contents.
GhostSurf Platinum enables even novice PC users to erase all traces of their online activity, encrypt their Internet connection and remove aggressive spyware automatically.
However, keeping track of the information a demon needs, including the way it stores and erases that information, offers a very different way of looking at thermodynamics, he says.
22, was so named because it displays the message ``Hare Krishna, hare hare'' on computer screens as it erases affected hard drives.
Monk ultimately erases his own integrity and individuality by succumbing ironically, as Stagg R.
The Model 1090 erases standard-density and high-density 5 1/4-inch, 3 1/2-inch, and smaller floppy formats, and its full shielding prevents accidentally erasing nearby magnetic media.
Erases the sagging skin and weakened muscles that create droopy upper eyelids and lower lid bagging.
On a CD-RW, you'll find three sets of numbers: the first is the speed at which it writes data, the second is the speed at which it rewrites data, and the third tells you how fast it erases the information (for example, 8x/4x/32x).
However, that not only permanently erases all data files, it removes all applications, to--and I assume you want to retain the applications so the volunteer organization that gets your computer won't have to reinstall them.
The Employment Agency says that it only erases those who were employed or did not register on time.