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erase (something) from (something)

1. To wipe or rub something off of something else. I did sign up earlier, so someone must have erased my name from the board. Please erase today's lesson from the board, Jack.
2. To remove something from something else. This usage is usually not literal. This is a highly confidential matter, so please erase anything you overheard from your mind.
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erase something from something

1. . Lit. to delete or wipe something from something. Please erase the writing from the blackboard. I will erase the incorrectly spelled word from my paper.
2. Fig. to remove something from something. Erase that smile from your face! I hope you will erase that thought from your mind.
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tv. to kill someone. Mr. Gutman decided who was gonna erase who.
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He said: "The fact the tape has been erased has raised doubts in my mind.
Ryan expects to attend a meeting this fall on the infamous 18 1/2-minute gap--an erased section of the Watergate tapes.
Real damage hit computers in 1987, when a snippet of code known as the Brain erased hard-drive data on some 100,000 IBMPCs--including 10,000 at George Washington University alone.
Maxell also randomly performs a series of tests with data written to the tape, read back, erased and then read again to ensure that the erase procedure was successful and no remnant data remains on the tape.
Its two best features are its low cost and its ability to be erased and recorded innumerable times.
The other come-from-behind win came eight days ago, when they erased a 3-2 third-period deficit to beat the Philadelphia Flyers 5-4.
This means that any portion of the disc that contains data can never be erased or overwritten.
The term developed because, when any information is erased or deleted using normal DOS commands, the information is not really erased.
The FDRERASE audit function VERIFY by default samples a percentage of a volume's tracks to insure that they have been erased, or if requested can verify all of the tracks on an entire volume.
In addition to the survey, kids sent in drawings of the types of violence they'd like to see erased -- everything from gang violence and terrorism to theft and kidnappings -- as well as artwork illustrating other problems like child abuse, drugs, smoking, junk food and saving endangered animals.
Of concern was the number of wrong answers that were erased and changed to correct answers, but no proof of wrongdoing has been found, said Joe Rao, the district's reform coordinator in charge of charter schools.
But if you were among the unlucky few, a rare virus spread over the Internet may have erased your hard drive.
A special eraser functions in the same way: information erased from SoftBoard using the encoded eraser is also erased from the computer display.
The audit function VERIFY samples tracks on volumes to insure that they have been erased, verifying a percentage of the volume by default or the entire volume if needed.
A manslaughter conviction in the shooting death of his cousin was erased.