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equate with (someone or something)

To liken someone or something to something else. I think I enjoy summer so much because I just equate warm weather with happiness. I often let my kids play with my parents' very docile dog so that they don't equate dogs with fear.
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equate someone or something with someone or something

to compare people and things, in any combination. I tend to equate Tom with trouble. I equate the Johnsons with a long boring evening.
See also: equate


someone to someone else and equate something to something else to claim that someone is in some manner the same as someone else; to claim that something is in some manner the same as something else. I would equate Tom to Wallywhen it comes to native ability. You cannot equate my car to that jalopy you drive!
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Equate II Confirmed: On May 7, 2003, PIC and Dow Chemical confirmed that the $2 bn Equate II complex will be built at Shuaiba and will be fully integrated into Equate I.
Buhamrah, "what PIC and Union Carbide have succeeded in accomplishing with EQUATE is to bring together the strengths, resources and capabilities of each to form what I believe is an unbeatable venture -- one that will be highly rewarding to each of the partners and for Kuwait and its people.
Al-Qattan served as EQUATE VPTS from April 2002 until September 2009 when he was succeeded by Mohammad Al-Benali.
The financial advisers for Equate were JP Morgan and Chemical Bank of the US and National Bank of Kuwait (NBK).
In appreciation for its sustainable development efforts, EQUATE has earned His Highness the Amir Award for the Best Plant in Kuwait; Gold Award in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) for Gulf private sector companies; the Award of Best Gulf Company in Recruiting Nationals; as well as Kuwait's CSR Award in the Industrial and Oil Sector.
Commencing production in 1997, Equate has become the single operator of a fully integrated world-scale manufacturing facility producing over 5 million tons annually of quality petrochemical products which are marketed in Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.
The increased screen size, improved processor speed, and gray-scale features have given Equate the power necessary to support all of those Excel-like features that customers require.
Solid achievements Al-Ateeqi said Equate made solid achievements in various fields during the year, including registering over 15 million safe working hours, as well as launching the commercial operations of the new 600,000-tonne ethylene glycol unit and the 850,000-tonne ethane cracker.
However, KPC's top management is said to favour having a major international partner in Equate II, with Dow Chemical being a strong candidate.
On the occasion of EQUATE's sponsorship of Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Fourth Supply Chain Conference in Dubai, EQUATE President and CEO Mohammad Husain said "such exports have increased from only 10 million MT in 1999, which is an increase of over 250% in just 12 years with an average annual growth of exports by 5%.
Al-Shamary added that EQUATE annually holds and organizes various training courses for its employees, contractors and plant visitors; adding that such courses include over 50 different programs with direct relevance to overall awareness, basic knowledge and specialized practices in the fields of EH&S.
Kuwait-based Equate Petrochemical said that it has temporarily shut down one of its ethylene glycol (EG) units with a total capacity of 550,000 MTA due to a recent blaze in the manufacturing unit.
On his part, EQUATE Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Department Leader Yousef Hashem Al-Gharabally said "These 20 Million Safe Work Hours are the result of more than 36 months of dedicated efforts by EQUATE's employees and contractors who deserve utmost congratulations as they have truly embraced safety as a priority.
EQUATE Senior Executive for Corporate Communications & Government Affairs Abeer Al-Omar said, Sustainability is a critical objective within EQUATE Corporate Strategy to ensure embodying our Partners in Success slogan with all relevant stakeholders, such as our employees, shareholders and communities as a whole.