equal in

equal in (someone or something)

To be the same as someone or something in some way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "equal" and "in." The twins may be equal in stature, but Erin has a much bigger personality than Caitlin. My idea equals anyone else's in merit, and I am determined to present it to the mayor herself.
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equal someone or something in something

to be even or identical with someone or something in something. John equals Bill in strength and size, I think. This cake equals that one in texture but not in richness.
See also: equal
References in classic literature ?
According to calculation," replied Barbicane, "the fall would develop a heat equal to that produced by 16,000 globes of coal, each equal in bulk to our terrestrial globe.
Ned Land was a Canadian, with an uncommon quickness of hand, and who knew no equal in his dangerous occupation.
Collins listened to her with the determined air of following his own inclination, and, when she ceased speaking, replied thus:-- "My dear Miss Elizabeth, I have the highest opinion in the world in your excellent judgement in all matters within the scope of your understanding; but permit me to say, that there must be a wide difference between the established forms of ceremony amongst the laity, and those which regulate the clergy; for, give me leave to observe that I consider the clerical office as equal in point of dignity with the highest rank in the kingdom-- provided that a proper humility of behaviour is at the same time maintained.
According to her father's account, they had come from homes as good as their own; they were certainly more than her equal in fortune; and her father had come to them as an employee, until they had taken him into partnership.
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