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envision (someone or something) as (someone or something else)

To picture or fantasize about someone or something as being different than it currently is. I'm sorry, but Brian is so shy that I just can't envision him as a news anchor. Try to envision the office as a nursery.
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envision someone as someone else

 and envision something as something else
to imagine or fantasize someone as someone else; to imagine or fantasize something as something else. I envision her as the next company president. We envisioned this as larger than it turned out to be.
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VP of Business Development for Peak Performance, commented, "The acquisition of Envision Technology Solutions is a terrific fit with last month's acquisition of PolicyPointe.
In another development, Envision has announced they have selected Access Data Corp.
Envision Financial Systems is a leading provider of software solutions to the global institutional and mutual fund asset management markets.
For more information on the company's hardware products, call the Envisions Scanner Hotline (800/365-SCAN).
We are pleased to have Mortgage Financial as a client," said Mary Beth Germanos, Chief Executive Officer, Envision Solutions.
Envision Solutions will be demonstrating MortgageXstream at the National Association of Mortgage Brokers in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 6 and 7.