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back-of-the-envelope calculation

A calculation or mathematical formulation that is approximated in a quick, informal, and rough manner, as might be sketched out on a scrap of paper (such as the back of an envelope). When it came time to pay the bill, we had to do some back-of-the-envelope calculations to figure out who owed how much.

the opening of an envelope

Any event, celebration, or ceremony, no matter how trivial or unremarkable, that one attends purely for the sake of visibility. Often said in relation to celebrities or media personalities who make a point of attending anything that will give them more public exposure. In a bid to cultivate a media buzz around herself, the Internet sensation has been to the openings of films, book launches, and celebrity galas. With the way she carries on, she'd even go to the opening of an envelope!
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envelop (oneself, someone, or something) in (something)

To wrap oneself, someone, or something in something. As soon as I got in from the cold, I enveloped myself in a blanket and sat in front of the fire. The snowstorm enveloped our area even faster than predicted with white-out conditions.
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push the envelope

Fig. to expand the definition, categorization, dimensions, or perimeters of something. The engineers wanted to completely redesign the product, but couldn't push the envelope because of a very restricted budget.
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push the envelope

Exceed the limits of what is normally done, be innovative, as in They are pushing the envelope in using only new fabrics for winter clothing. This idiom comes from aviation, the envelope alluding to the technical limits of a plane's performance, which, on a graph, appear as a rising slope as limits of speed and stress are approached and falls off when the capacity is exceeded and the pilot loses control; safety lies within these limits, or envelope, and exceeding them exposes pilot and plane to risk. [Slang; late 1960s]
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on the back of an envelope

If a piece of work was written or planned on the back of an envelope, it was prepared too quickly, with little thought or care. These proposals were sketched out on the back of an envelope. The screenplay sounds as if it's been written on the back of an envelope. Note: You can also talk about a back-of-an-envelope calculation or account to talk about something that is not accurate. According to his back-of-an-envelope calculation, a solar square of mirrors of this size would provide enough energy to supply the whole state.
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push the envelope

If you push the envelope, you do something to a greater degree or in a more extreme way than it has been done before. We have to keep pushing the envelope, trying new technologies and developing better methods. There's a valuable place for fashion and design that pushes the envelope a bit. Note: Rather than referring to stationery, the sense of envelope here is probably the one used to refer to the shape of a wave in electronics or a curve in mathematics. Pushing or stretching the envelope suggests changing the properties of the wave or curve.
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push the envelope

To exceed or try to exceed the existing limits of a discipline or activity.
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Prior to installing the Kecol Maxiwime System, the viscous fruit paste and the yoghurt had to be scooped out manually and carried to the hoppers on the biscuit enveloping machine.
1 channels of information from any source, we ensure the most enveloping playback experience for our consumers," said Kevin Zarow, Director of Marketing, Marantz America, Inc.
The market includes - Assistance in the preparation of the site;- The supply, delivery, installation and commissioning for operation of an automatic enveloping machine and related software and training of operating personnel and administrators;- Maintenance of equipment and software provided for a period of 10 years from the date of notification of receipt of the minutes;- The reversal of an enveloping machine described in Article 7 of the CCTP.
Compared to audio coming from standard PC speakers, the richer, fuller, more enveloping sound created by Dolby Virtual Speaker significantly enhances users' enjoyment of, and involvement in, movies, music, and games on their PCs.
A purchase orders, this contract is intended to ensure the maintenance of enveloping machines newsletters from national criminal records (CJN).
ePOST is an electronic system that enables postal organizations to electronically sort, merge, forward, print, envelope and archive mail using high-speed computers, electronic printers and enveloping equipment for next day delivery by the local post office.
Contract award: address of publishing services, enveloping, routing, distribution, delivery and post commissioning on behalf of the fund deposits in paris.
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Tender E-mail, printing and enveloping serving the municipality of Groningen.
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