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envelop (oneself, someone, or something) in (something)

To wrap oneself, someone, or something in something. As soon as I got in from the cold, I enveloped myself in a blanket and sat in front of the fire. The snowstorm enveloped our area even faster than predicted with white-out conditions.
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envelop someone or something in someone or something

to wrap someone or something in someone or something. The fog enveloped us in its grasp. Mountains of fog rolled in and enveloped the house in dense vapor.
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We believe that we are enabling the next wave of computing here at Envelop VR, said Bob Berry, CEO and co-founder.
Envelop for Windows is a proprietary engine built for maximum performance and flexibility.
For maximum performance, Envelop requires a Windows 10 operating system and a VR-ready graphics processing unit, e.
6 Close for Price Bid - 04-07-2016 15:01 04-07-2016 18:00 Commercial Envelop C1,
8 Technical Bid Opening 07-07-2016 15:01 08-07-2016 17:00 Technical Envelop T1
9 Price Bid Opening 07-07-2016 15:01 08-07-2016 17:00 Commercial Envelop C
The product, Wiper Gokipao, envelops the insect in acrylic resin, which chokes the roach while solidifying into a cocoon-shaped shell that hides the body.
Set in 1928, the show chronicles what should be ``the best summer ever'' in the life of 14-year-old Douglas Spaulding (played to callow perfection by Matt Raftery), whose boyish enthusiasm envelops all the folks in the idyllic community of Greentown.
As the gear rotates, the curved section of tooth envelops the circular form of the worm at the root of the thread.
Not only are the gear teeth curved at the tips but the worm is also curved, or throated, so that its form envelops the curve of the gear.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Thermoplastic masks,Thermoplastic masks /casts,Thermoplastic pre-cut casts,Thermoplastic casts,Pre-printed x-ray envelops (recyclable plastic covers or clothlined paper) 17.