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entwine around (someone or something)

1. To wrap around someone or something. We need to cut back these vines that have entwined around our gutters.
2. To wrap something around someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "entwine" and "around." My heart fluttered when my date entwined his fingers around mine.
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entwine around someone or something

to weave or wind around someone or something. The snake entwined around the limb of the tree. The huge python entwined around the horrified farmer.
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entwine something around someone or something

to weave or wind something around someone or something. They entwined their arms around each other. Jack entwined the garland of flowers around Jill.
See also: around, entwine
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The Entwined Histories project lasted six months and involved 80 young people aged 14-17 from Lagan College, Wallace High School, Assumption Grammar, Ashfield Girls, Corpus Christie, and Blackmountain.
And with Katie's fame grounded in glamour modelling the shield could well be framed by a G-string entwined with an out-sized bra.
Baracchi entwined political intrigue with a series of tempestuous romances with poets, artists and playwrights, including Katharine Susannah Prichard, Lesbia Harford and Betty Roland.
The two will find their lives entwined when the Mapa Mundi project reaches a dangerous new level in this engrossing fast-paced plot recommended for any fan of hard science fiction.
As the years go by, the families become more and more entwined, a connection that some of the members nurture and others resist.
Three entwined trios (with the addition of Alison Roper) follow, separated by musical interludes.
It's 2047--the hundredth birthday of India--and six very different people, from a gangster and copy to a set designer, a scientist and a dropout, will find their lives entwined in a country set to see its greatest change yet.
With Rossi theory and practice appeared inevitably entwined.
Religion was so entwined with the fishing industry that clergymen helped develop many techniques for catching, farming, and preserving this precious commodity.
The hurricane reminded us of how closely the politics of inequality are entwined with disaster and displacement.
Author Nancy Segal is Professor of Psychology of the Twin Studies center at CSU Fullerton: her professional career has been devoted to the study of identical and fraternal twins, and INDIVISIBLE BY TWO: LIVES OF EXTRAORDINARY TWINS reflects this long history, following up on her ENTWINED LIVES to reveal the lives of 10 sets of twins, one set of triplets and a set of quads.
As she and Cameron become entwined, the story unfolds in a tapestry of joy, betrayal, and redemption more compelling than Cameron could have imagined in his hunt for material.
Rhondda Cynon Taf Council commissioned the work as part of regeneration in the area and the steel and wood bench, entwined with traditional symbols of Treorchy such as rolling hills, will be the first piece of public art installed in the town.
PRINCE Charles last night sparked a row after approving an official wedding souvenir with entwined letter Cs.