entwine around

entwine around (someone or something)

1. To wrap around something. We need to cut back these vines that have entwined around our gutters.
2. To wrap something around something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "entwine" and "around." My heart fluttered when my date entwined his fingers around mine.
See also: around, entwine

entwine something around someone or something

to weave or wind something around someone or something. They entwined their arms around each other. Jack entwined the garland of flowers around Jill.
See also: around, entwine

entwine around someone or something

to weave or wind around someone or something. The snake entwined around the limb of the tree. The huge python entwined around the horrified farmer.
See also: around, entwine
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Chandeliers shimmer, and plants and vines entwine around pillars shaped like elephant legs, propping up frescoes and mosaics depicting scenes of local wildlife and the "lost tribe".
The natural grassroots then entwine around the artificial fibres making for a stronger playing surface.
The Snow Queen herself appears cloaked in them, a prince and princess entwine around them in an acrobatic display, while the heroine is almost engulfed by them.
The artificial fibres remained embedded in the substructure ensuring that the new grass roots will entwine around them quickly.