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entrust someone or something to someone

to place someone or something into the protection of someone. Can I entrust Johnny to you while I shop? I entrusted my share of the money to Fred until I returned to town.
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entrust someone with someone or something

to trust someone to provide protection and care for someone or something. Can I entrust you with Johnny while I go in and vote? I entrusted Fred with my share of the money until I returned. I would not even entrust myself with the care of this priceless vase!
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You know, my dear Sir, if you WILL take the management of your affairs into your own hands after entrusting them to your solicitor, you must also take the consequences.
So, entrusting Whisker to the charge of a man who was lingering hard by in expectation of the Job, he suffered his companion to take his hand, and to lead him up the dark and narrow stairs.