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entreat (one) to (do something)

To beg or plead with someone to do something. When the babysitter suddenly canceled, my parents entreated me to stay home with my siblings instead of going out with my friends.
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entreat someone to do something

to beg someone to do something. They entreated us to come back as soon as we could. I entreat you to think it over again.
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Roger Swain (Richard E Grant) heads up the film division and entreats scriptwriters Tom Buckley (Sam Claflin) and Raymond Parfitt (Paul Ritter) to unearth a story of heroism.
Local Sheriff Redmond Vaines (O'Herlihy) surmises that Sarah must have murdered her pals and he entreats deputy Elen Rios (Cummings) to interrogate Sarah and tease out a confession.
In a four minute video she entreats young Democratic Jews to "Shlep yourselves over to Florida to [get your grandparents to] vote [for U.
Ann is immediately spirited away by Lila's brother Buddy, who entreats her to put an end to the wedding because his sister is secretly in love with dashing friend Harris Arden.
She argues that intellectual freedom requires financial freedom, and she entreats her audience to write not only fiction but poetry, criticism, and scholarly works as well.
Medusa's Head constipates our gaze: suspended inches off the floor, this meteoric conglomeration of cement, rock, and toy trains entreats us to probe its debased sculptural materiality.
When Dr Carter's son is murdered, seemingly while connected to a surrogate, the scientist entreats FBI Agent Greer (Willis) and his partner Jennifer Peters (Mitchell) to apprehend the man responsible, Miles Strickland (Noseworthy), who is in possession of an 'overload device', which fries the brain of the surrogate and its user.
He can now see and hear spirits of the recently departed, including Frank (Greg Kinnear), who entreats Bertram to speak to his widow, Gwen (Tea Leoni).
He can now see and hear the spirits of the recently departed, including Frank Herlihy (Kinnear), who entreats Bertram to speak to his widow, Gwen (Leoni).
Her bed-ridden mother (Joanna Cassidy) entreats her younger daughter Aubrey (Amber Tamblyn) to travel to Japan to escort Karen back home.