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entreat (one) to (do something)

To beg or plead with someone to do something. When the babysitter suddenly canceled, my parents entreated me to stay home with my siblings instead of going out with my friends.
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entreat someone to do something

to beg someone to do something. They entreated us to come back as soon as we could. I entreat you to think it over again.
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Still, almost all schools invest in the marketing effort to colleagues, and presidents have no problem entreating a little help from consultants.
On Wednesday it boasted as well two remarkable soloists, alto Alexandra Gibson and tenor Benjamin Hulett, warm, entreating and ardent in totally idiomatic style.
Yet, during that period, "Go Racing representatives received a number of calls from the RCA's advisers entreating Go Racing to amend its bid".
In a space rimmed by spindly tree trunks (designed, as were the simple costumes, by Duato), the couples seemed to be entreating new life from one another and from the ground.
His contribution to "making peace" is entreating those on the Left to stop relying on identity politics and to move toward advancing concepts of common obligations and mutual reliance.
A baby boomer, at 18 she married Gary "Chicken" Hirsh, the long-haired drummer of the 1960s rock band, Country Joe and the Fish, perhaps best remembered for entreating 400,000 attendees at Woodstock to help it spell out the king of four-letter words during a performance.
In 1480 Politian, after repeatedly entreating Lorenzo, was at last invited to return to Florence and was appointed to the Florentine chair of Latin and Greek (autumn 1480).
14) Since all that mattered for church legal proceedings was proving the existence of a promise prior to sexual relations the content of the pursuit, the entreating and pleading, was not noted.
Fines of pounds 100 a rebeing talked about, while the travel companies are entreating us to book early and not only avoid disappointment but save a few bob.
My best guess, though, is that it's mainly entreating.