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the first flush of (something)

The beginning or early stages of something. Of course they're happy now—they're still in the first flush of marriage!
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fire (one) with (an emotion)

To cause one to feel a particular emotion. Overhearing Tim's nasty comments about me fired me with anger. I was having a rough day until thoughts of our upcoming beach vacation fired me with joy.
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fire someone with anger

 and fire someone with enthusiasm; fire someone with hope; fire someone with expectations
Fig. [for someone's words] to fill someone with eagerness or the desire to do something. The speech fired the audience with enthusiasm for change. We were fired with anger to protest against the government.
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(in) the first flush of ˈyouth, enˈthusiasm, etc.

when somebody is young or something is new: By then, he was no longer in the first flush of youth.In the first flush of enthusiasm, we were able to get everyone interested in helping.
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The bruising presidential primary season appears to be taking a toll on Americans' enthusiasm about the election this year.
He believes that the infectious enthusiasm of a superpromoter is vital to attract new clients and increase turnover.
Mass Enthusiasm and Flywrite will pursue a joint venture to form a full-service marketing communications firm.
We worked yesterday in the pouring rain and I enjoyed myself - people say it's a lot to do with the coach's enthusiasm but it works both ways," Strachan said.
The enthusiasm rubs off on me, it's great and I enjoy it.
How do you create an enduring enthusiasm that is always present?
Robert Clewis in general undertakes to extend various features from the realm of beauty to that of the sublime, and even to enthusiasm, and thereby makes several points, some of which can be considered new.
Perhaps it should be called "meandering down a crooked path" or "letting my nose follow my enthusiasm.
He needs a lot longer than a few games to strike any semblance of ability and enthusiasm into the present squad.
1 : something that stirs up feelings of great enthusiasm and interest <The game was filled with excitement.
This paper describes three studies addressing the effects of enthusiasm (E) versus non-enthusiasm (NE) on the acquisition of skills taught to young children with autism.
And Sarah Zook's enthusiasm was tempered as she watched Rio Mesa of Oxnard girls' tennis coach Steve Worthington walk toward center court with a somber look on his face.
Search out the unasked and share your enthusiasm for the association.
Despite the enthusiasm, close to half of Toronto's workers in this sector considered leaving the field last year.