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enthrall (one) with (something)

To capture and hold one's attention through a particular means. The baby is totally enthralled with that new mobile you hung above her crib—she just can't stop watching it. Susie is a great storyteller, so I'm sure she'll enthrall you all with her latest tale.
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enthrall someone with something

to charm or captivate someone with something. They enthralled us with the beauty of their singing. The children enthralled us with their rustic dances.
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I will only add here that it is not clear if Sartre's account of bad faith can prevent this kind of enthrallment.
Lamartine's poetics, then, conceal an irony: his meditations repel the ascending and melodic enthrallment of enthusiasm in favor of an earth-inspired, deliberately composed harmony.
On the deepest level, that of ontological need, this was the use of romance for Hawthorne; it allowed for the creation of a "story" lifelike enough to pass muster but illustrative of divine order in ways that defended him against the threefold horrors of naturalism: the horror of universal meaninglessness, the horror of death and annihilation, and the horror of enthrallment to bodily drives, especially the sexual.
By locating Faulkner's coded representations of interracial boxing within his cultural milieu and comparing them with Bellows representations of the sport, I extend existing analyses of early-twentieth-century American culture's relationship to interracial boxing in order to argue that according to these artists, America's enthrallment with the sport depended significantly on its inherent commingling of violent competition with forbidden homosexual and interracial desire.
And what's the story behind his enthrallment with the ball-- do all round things have gravity, no matter if they're thrown by men or spin of their own accord in space, orbs cut from bigger orbs in a motion picture that's been playing ever since The Bang?
Non-Fiction: Empire Antarctica by Gavin Francis "This awe-inspiring chronicle of his travels is a memoir of a modern day pioneer, one who writes with a descriptive flourish that is part education, part enthrallment and wholly entertaining.
Marmer extends Eastern European Jewish enthrallment beyond ethnic separation, and Lazer harnesses Jewish scribal tradition to exact a paradoxically iconoclastic Jewish visual art exhibiting prophetic qualities.
turned into an instrument for enthrallment and humiliation of its own people.
There does not seem to be any enthrallment among the group to reach any semblance of an accord over certain nationally engrained issues, namely the nuclear impasse.
a visual spell, an enthrallment to the image in its present of time" (301, 303).
If opium-eating be a sensual pleasure, and if I am bound to confess that I have indulged in it to an excess, not yet recorded of any other man, it is no less true, that I have struggled against this fascinating enthrallment with a religious zeal, and have, at length, accomplished what I never yet heard attributed to any other man--have untwisted, almost to its final links, the accursed chain which fettered me.
My enthrallment with science began with thoughts of becoming a physician.
Chapter two deepens Braver's commitment to the worldly relation, overturning modernity's enthrallment with the construction of an idealized whole from discrete parts in favor of a world into which we are all always already thrown.
The Romantics' artistic enthrallment with the Job text might be explained by the age's preoccupation with political and social injustice; after all, the poem's central theodicy corresponds, in the socio-political realm, to an anxiety over the impotence and degradation of the little man against an omnipotent, deified autocracy.