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entertain (oneself, someone, or something) with (something)

To amuse oneself, someone, or something with something. Can you entertain the kids with a movie or something so that I can get some work done? I entertained the puppy with a few rounds of fetch.
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entertain someone with something

to provide something for amusement or refreshment to someone. Will you try to entertain the children with a game or two, please? She entertained herself with the puzzle.
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He entertained the troops, playing piano after the plane landed in Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Paris and Casablanca.
With these young reporters as guides, viewers will laugh and be entertained while they learn history.
We like the CSM solution," said Klasky, "because it allows our theater guests to be entertained while still maintaining an environment for them to socially interact.
We design our pre-show content to enable people in the audience to socialize and be entertained at the same time.
Going to the movies is a social experience," Vassel said, "so we designed our show to enable people to socialize and to be entertained.
We are excited to take 'ER,' with the depth of the characters and storylines that have entertained television audiences for nine award-winning seasons, to an interactive level," said Philippe Erwin, Vice President of Interactive for Warner Bros.
They also prefer to be entertained, even when doing mundane activities.
We are always looking for ways to enhance the enjoyment of our characters through new mediums, and Brilliant's Multipath Movie format will allow us to reach the emerging audience that wants to see characters like Casper, being entertained on the Internet.
He has entertained the past eleven US Presidents as well as over ten million servicemen and women.
This powerful new site allows buyers to search for items across auction sites, sellers to host images and counters, and provides innovative, relevant content that will keep bidders and sellers informed and entertained.
com) is a revolutionary cyberworld in which consumers can enter a fully 3D-rendered city and casino, play games for prizes, enter a lounge to chat with other Virtual Vegas visitors, be entertained, or do some shopping.
All were entertained by the Collin County Community College jazz band, received autographs from former Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett, were served gourmet foods and led on tours of the new store by celebrity chef Sam Arnold of the Fort Restaurant in Denver.