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Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Prov. If you come in, be prepared for the worst. (Describes a hopeless situation or one somehow similar to hell. Often used jocularly. This is the English translation of the words on the gate of Hell in Dante's Inferno.) This is our cafeteria. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!
See also: abandon, all, enter, here, who, ye

breaking and entering

the crime of forcing one's way into a place. (A criminal charge.) Wilbur was charged with four counts of breaking and entering. It was not an act of breaking and entering. The thief just opened the door and walked right in.
See also: and, breaking, enter

enter in something

to enroll as a participant in something, such as a contest, competition, etc. She was not ready to enter in the competition. I can't enter in that contest. I'm not prepared.
See also: enter

enter into something

1. . Lit. to get into something. She entered into the house and immediately went to work. As the people entered into the cathedral, they became quiet.
2. Fig. to join in something; to participate in something. I couldn't get him to enter into the spirit of the party. She just loves to enter into things and have a good time with people.
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enter one's mind

Fig. [for an idea or memory] to come into one's consciousness; to be thought of. Leave you behind? The thought never even entered my mind. A very interesting idea just entered my mind. What if I ran for Congress?
See also: enter, mind

enter someone or something in(to) something

to enroll someone or something in something; to make someone or something a competitor in something. I will enter you into the contest whether you like it or not. The trainer entered his fastest horse in the race.
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(something) by something and enter (something) through something to enter something or some place by way of a certain entrance. We entered the building by the west door. You should enter through the revolving door only.

enter the lists

Fig. to begin to take part in a contest or argument. He had decided not to stand for Parliament, but entered the lists at the last minute. The family disagreement had almost been resolved when the grandfather entered the lists.
See also: enter, list

enter (up)on something

1. . to come in at a particular point as marked by something. We entered the theater upon the most delicate point of the story. Weenteredon thetail end of a live scene.
2. to begin something. Todd entered upon a new phase of his life. He entered on the management of a new project.
See also: enter, on

enter the fray

also join the fray
to become involved in a very competitive situation Cable TV companies have entered the fray, using their high-speed lines to provide Internet access.
See also: enter, fray

enter/join the fray

to become involved in an argument or a fight Members of the royal family rarely enter the political fray.
See also: enter, fray

enter/get into the spirit of something

to show that you are happy to be at a social event by talking to a lot of people, dancing, or wearing special clothes 'Hey, I like your hat!' 'Well, I thought I'd better enter into the spirit of things.' I'm afraid I was feeling too ill to really get into the spirit of the evening.
See also: enter, of, spirit

enter into

1. Participate in, take an active role or interest in, as in We had to think twice before we entered into these negotiations. [Late 1700s]
2. Become party to (a contract), bind oneself, as in The nations entered into a new agreement. [First half of 1500s]
3. Become a component, form a part of, as in Finances soon entered into the discussion. [Early 1700s]
4. Also, go into. Consider, investigate, as in The report entered into the effect of high interest rates, or Let's not go into that. [Mid-1500s]
See also: enter

enter on

Also, enter upon. Set out, begin, as in We are entering on a new era, or They entered upon the most difficult part of the research. [Early 1600s]
See also: enter, on

enter one's mind

Also, enter one's head. Occur to one, come into one's consciousness. This expression is most often used negatively, as in It didn't enter my mind that he'd want to join us, or Run for office? It never entered my head.
See also: enter, mind

enter the lists

Also, enter the fray. Engage in a fight or competition, as in He said he'd be willing to enter the lists well before the primaries, or Whenever people disagreed, she was eager to enter the fray. The first term uses the noun lists in the sense of "a barrier around the arena enclosing medieval jousting tournaments" and was being used figuratively by the late 1500s. The variant uses fray in the sense of "a noisy skirmish or battle," a usage from the late 1300s.
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enter into

1. To participate or take an active interest in something: After college, she entered into politics. The union and management have decided to enter into negotiations in order to settle the strike.
2. To enroll or register someone or something in some activity: I'm going to enter my dog into the competition.
3. To become party to a contract: The nations entered into a trade agreement.
4. To become a part of something: Financial matters entered into the discussion.
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enter on

1. To begin or set out on something: With the assassination of the prime minister, the country entered on four years of civil unrest.
2. To begin considering something; take up something: After approving the budget proposal, the committee entered on the problem of raising taxes.
3. To take possession of something: When my uncle passed away, I entered on his estate and began managing the family business.
See also: enter, on

enter upon

To begin or set out on something: We have entered upon a challenging period in our lives.
See also: enter, upon
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Specifically, by entering in to the VPF "nearly simultaneously" with the share-lending transaction, the taxpayer gave up nearly all indicia of ownership in the pledged shams, including its risk of loss and most of its opportunity for gain.
On a roll: Claremont had won five of its past six games entering this weekend's series against Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference leader Cal Lutheran.
I am sure that traveling to three different locations further and further away and at greater and greater expense for student, parents, teacher and accompanist keeps many talented students from even entering.
Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit felt that the officers had plenty of time to obtain a search warrant before entering the hotel room.
Staff members can temporarily disable the access controllers by entering a code into a keypad before passing within 6 to 10 feet of the controller device.
Beginning this November, transoceanic shippers must exchange freshwater ballast for seawater before entering the Great Lakes - a move aimed at preventing the transport of freshwater exotics from one continent to another.
Under the circumstances, it is clear that even though separate acceptance of portions of the subject matter occurred, the subject matter of the contract was essentially a single unit (a building), and there was a business purpose for entering into one contract rather than several.
It appears CART owners are looking to the IRL as a means of entering the Indy 500.
To help ensure officer safety, managers should encourage their officers to "pack the record" when entering wanted persons in NCIC.
On occasion, when we had difficulty finding the right folder for entering data, we turned to GoSystem's drilldown facility: On the IRS forms screen, a right click on a field takes you directly to the appropriate place in the organizer -- a very handy aid.
A form unique to the needs of the user can be designed by entering the "Create a Data Base" part of the program.
A replay of the conference call will be available from October 23, 2006 through October 30, 2006 by webcast and by dialing (800) 642-1687 and entering the access code 9430435.
The court concluded that even after entering into the partnership, St.
The system would send any matches, or "hits," resulting from this process to both the entering agency and inquiring agencies automatically.
Consumers entering sweepstakes should understand they don't have to buy anything for a chance to win and that buying will not help their chances of becoming instant millionaires,'' Lockyer said in a statement.