enter in

enter in something

to enroll as a participant in something, such as a contest, competition, etc. She was not ready to enter in the competition. I can't enter in that contest. I'm not prepared.
See also: enter

enter someone or something in(to) something

to enroll someone or something in something; to make someone or something a competitor in something. I will enter you into the contest whether you like it or not. The trainer entered his fastest horse in the race.
See also: enter
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Beginning January 03 to February 03, 2013, on a minimum spend of AED 300 customers will enter in to a raffle draw to win a 47" Hisense 3D LED TV every day during the promotion period.
We look forward to expanding our relationship with Graphix Zone, which will enable us to enter in new markets, such as entertainment and music, as well as provide future customers with an easy way to access the Internet.