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ensnare (someone or something) in (something)

1. Literally, to catch someone or something, as a trap. If we can't ensnare an animal in this trap, we're not going to eat tonight.
2. To trap or involve oneself or someone in something troubling, such as an issue, problem, or scandal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ensnare" and "in." The other candidates ensnared the politicians in petty debates, and he was never able to make his point. Our father's lack of a will has ensnared my brothers and me in many lawsuits over his estate.
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ensnare someone or something in something

1. . Lit. to capture someone or something in something. Dave ensnared the rabbit in his trap. Henry ensnared himself in the trap they had laid for deer.
2. Fig. to catch or "trap" someone in an act or pattern of deception. She sought to ensnare him in his own framework of lies. He ensnared himself in his many lies.
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Wiggins' analysis justifies his conclusion that the poem "gives the Impression of being part of a spontaneous dialogue taking place in the heat of conflict and the reader has the pleasure of witnessing the speaker become step by step more and more ensnared in the trammels of his faulty argument and his false position" (86).
At the same time, 36 Photographs and 12 Diagrams is the point of departure for several intertwined movements--between the grid and its deformation, th e support and the emulsion, black-and-white and color--in which the status of the photograph as a trace of its object is complexly ensnared.
Fifty-two whales ensnared in fixed fishing nets were sold from July to December 2001 after the Fisheries Agency legalized such catches under certain conditions, agency officials said Sunday.
Jones suspects that the bigger maternal web ensnared more flying insects than single spiderling webs did and that extra legs at the mom's web subdued prey that would have escaped a solo spiderling.
However, Beckwith managed to get ensnared in a web of deceit: His investment disappeared in what is alleged to be an investment fraud.
PRESIDENT Bill Clinton has granted clemency to 62 people, including a congressman charged with misusing taxpayers' money and a friend ensnared in a corruption probe.
The details of his untimely death at the age of 38 were ensnared in suspicion and speculation.
Sometimes women - such as flamboyant feminist professor Jane Gallop, whom Patai aptly dubs an "intellectual flasher" - get ensnared in the trap.
Pollution has claimed the lives of millions of seabirds, and untold numbers of birds, marine mammals and sea turtles become entangled or ensnared each year in plastic debris that finds its way into the sea.
People and communities, even nations, find themselves losing control over their own destinies, ensnared by the revolutionary demands of commerce.
The nuggets for me were the case studies describing leaders becoming ensnared by past success.
Having ensnared another victim, she sees her fate in the cards as Don Jose's jealousy rise up to overwhelm her.
Contract award: Service Custody and Maintenance of Animals ensnared.
In the process, she becomes ensnared in a web of deceit, intrigue and contradictions spun by her loved ones.