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ensnare (someone or something) in (something)

1. Literally, to catch someone or something, as a trap. If we can't ensnare an animal in this trap, we're not going to eat tonight.
2. To trap or involve oneself or someone in something troubling, such as an issue, problem, or scandal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ensnare" and "in." The other candidates ensnared the politicians in petty debates, and he was never able to make his point. Our father's lack of a will has ensnared my brothers and me in many lawsuits over his estate.
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ensnare someone or something in something

1. . Lit. to capture someone or something in something. Dave ensnared the rabbit in his trap. Henry ensnared himself in the trap they had laid for deer.
2. Fig. to catch or "trap" someone in an act or pattern of deception. She sought to ensnare him in his own framework of lies. He ensnared himself in his many lies.
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Butler reasoned Ensnare, sent off an 11-4 shot after being 12-1 yesterday morning, would need a "career-best effort" to win and he failed to find that - much to the delight of the bookmakers.
Donohoe then completed his northern tour with a visit to the Scottish venue and the trip once again bore fruit as 5-1 shot Ensnare triumphed in the nine-furlong heat.
Lee Costi had already groomed and then had sex with two other young girls when he was caught by police trying to ensnare his third - a girl of 14.
Never-before-seen documents uncovered last week claimed she had passionate affairs with a car salesman (and others) while she was trying to ensnare Edward.
Mines that fling nets to ensnare bad guys a la Spiderman.
com is some sort of April Fool joke or an elaborate police honey-pot operation to ensnare hapless spliffheads.
In the end each is more threatened by a world that is indifferent to their plight than by a monster out to ensnare them.
But rather than pretend to objective history, Kelley's sculpture and related objects and photographs ensnare the attentive viewer in a phantasmagoria of associations.
The lymphoid tissue's ability to ensnare HIV becomes limited, and the virus begins to spill out into the bloodstream, Fauci says.
Douglas, with a legendary eye for beauty, is said to have used all his experience and wiles to ensnare Miss Jones.
When a squid shoots out its tentacles to ensnare prey, for example, the muscles that are aligned at right angles to each tentacle's long axis contract and the resultant fattened parts push against one another to extend the tentacle along its length.
Intelligence chiefs say spy networks plan "honeytraps" to ensnare the Armed Forces when they go abroad.
I didn't set out to ensnare (Jackson),'' he said, adding that the admission came from the singer and one of his young friends.
QC Geoffrey Miller said: "He is a predatory male who set out to ensnare young and vulnerable children.