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enshrine someone in one's heart

 and enshrine someone's memory in one's heart
Fig. to keep the memory of someone in a special place in one's heart or mind. Bob enshrined Jill's memory in his heart.
See also: enshrine, heart

enshrine something in something

to honor someone or something by placement in a shrine. Bill enshrined his grandfather's watch in a glass dome.
See also: enshrine
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In July, with Miller apparently on the cusp of enshrinement, the Hall announced changes to the voting format once again.
We look forward to honoring them in Springfield this summer with a week-long celebration of basketball, highlighted by the Enshrinement Ceremony on August 13.
For advance reservations for the NAHF President's Reception and Dinner, July 19, or the formal dinner and enshrinement ceremony, July 20, contact:
Few would then have predicted that JFK's youngest brother would someday be a candidate for similar enshrinement.
Among other things, the latter indicates a greater interest in sexual freedom and variety than the public enshrinement of patriotic mothers would suggest.
That difference accounts for the enshrinement in the First Amendment of the freedom of the press.
Add to this the enshrinement of national cultural heroes: Babe Ruth, Bill Tilden, Red Grange, and, not least, Charles Lindbergh, and one recognizes a nation increasingly becoming self-conscious.
Ted feels that his father's legacy deserves enshrinement in his native country and in the town where he spent the last productive years of his life before being struck down by a massive heart attack.
BALTIMORE -- The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame (NCSHOF) announced that 24 individuals were nominated and confirmed by the Board of Advisors and peers for consideration for the 2012 enshrinement class.
The program includes the Enshrinement Weekend celebration along with numerous other opportunities for fans to connect with Gold Jackets (living Hall of Famers) at a number of Official Event Experiences around the world.
NEW YORK -- The punk trio Green Day, the short-lived British band The Smiths, "Lean on Me'' singer Bill Withers and Sting are among the first-time nominees for enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The Naha branch of the Fukuoka High Court upheld on Tuesday an earlier lower court decision to reject a suit by five Okinawa Prefecture citizens against their relatives' enshrinement at the war-linked Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.
To be considered for enshrinement, a person must have had "a lasting national or World impact to the benefit of freshwater sportfishing," according to the hall's Web site.
568 - numbers that signal a likely enshrinement in Cooperstown when he chooses to retire.
But neither Aso's proposal nor the separate enshrinement plan has been realized.