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enshrine (someone or something) in (one's) heart

To retain fondly, as of a memory. While I'm heartbroken that grandma is gone, at least I've enshrined all of my wonderful memories with her in my heart.
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enshrine (something) in (something)

To place something on display, often within a protective case or material. I keep my Olympic medals in a cabinet in my foyer so that all visitors can see them.
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enshrine someone in one's heart

 and enshrine someone's memory in one's heart
Fig. to keep the memory of someone in a special place in one's heart or mind. Bob enshrined Jill's memory in his heart.
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enshrine something in something

to honor someone or something by placement in a shrine. Bill enshrined his grandfather's watch in a glass dome.
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The new Constitution is a privateer's charter that effectively enshrines the pursuit of free market liberalisation and consequent public service cuts into law.
The Forum for liberties and Labour "Ettakatol" Party which is member of the ruling three-party alliance, reasserted in a communique its "total attachment" to the principle of equality between men and women, stressing their commitment to enshrine this principle in the new Constitution.
Dr Fox again stressed the Government would not enshrine the military covenant in law, but would require the defence secretary to report annually to Parliament on how the covenant was working.
The Government's latest initiative is to enshrine the duty to prevent infection in legislation.
But by passing the hate-crimes bill now, Aravosis and others argue, Republicans and Democrats alike can seem pro-gay shortly before they vote to enshrine antigay discrimination in the U.
That was when the state constitutional convention approved a constitutional amendment that would: 1) define marriage as a union between one man and one woman; and 2) enshrine same-sex "civil unions" within the state constitution as the legal equivalent of marriage.
Yet this Government wants to enshrine a racist, exclusionist piece of legislation in our constitution.
If political leaders pressure the shrine to enshrine Class-A war criminals separately, they would be violating the principle of the separation of state and religion under the Constitution.
Perhaps to express his anger over being unable to enshrine driver's licenses for illegal immigrants into the law.
Looking for a way to raise awareness of President Bush's "first-ever amendment to enshrine discrimination into the Constitution," Mitchell says, "the benefit was just one response.
Then, the Senate launched a campaign to enshrine a gay marriage ban in the state constitution, despite a perfectly adequate Georgia law already outlawing same-sex unions Although the debate is superfluous, it's also rancorous and loud, and serves the Republican agenda of diverting rural voters from their diminishing job prospects, their failing schools and their uncertain futures.
Meanwhile, the organization Mothers, Fathers and Friends has joined with Enshrine Marriage Canada in a massive campaign to mobilize 100,000 Albertans in support of a constitutional amendment motion to enshrine traditional marriage.
Meanwhile in Beijing, Taku Yamasaki, a special adviser to Koizumi, told reporters after meeting Chinese Vice Premier Huang Ju that it would be ''extremely difficult'' to separately enshrine the Class-A war criminals.
The Republican governor's plan to enshrine his car-tax cut in the constitution is a major component of the deal he reached with a coalition of cities and counties.
Enshrine Marriage Canada (new group) (416) 533-5124